This Is All We Are

The Knick

S2 E20 This Is All We Are

This Is All We Are

The Knick, 210
Written by: Jack Amiel and Michael Begler
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Cleary arrives by ambulance at Ping Wu’s brothel to collect Thackery, who has collapsed. Thackery requests that he be taken to Mount Sinai rather than the Knick.

With Thackery admitted to Mount Sinai, Dr. Zinberg briefs the other doctors on his case. Dr. Zinberg plans to resect the damaged part of Thackery’s intestine. Thackery requests that he not be put under general anesthesia but undergo a spinal block instead. He then informs Algernon and Gallinger that he intends to remain conscious and perform the surgery on himself. Given Abby’s death, which occurred immediately after the administration of ether, Thackery wants to prove that the spinal block is a safer alternative.

When Henry asks Lucy to come with him to Newport for the summer, she asks in return for a promise of his commitment to her.

Police Detective Tuttle approaches Barrow as he leaves Captain Robertson’s funeral. Tuttle is investigating the fire, and he’s singled out Barrow as a suspect. When the detective is impertinent enough to later corner him in the bathroom at the club, Barrow exercises his newly acquired social connections to get the detective to drop the case.

Algernon, whose face still bears the bruise from his fight with Gallinger, admits to his father that the injury is quite serious. He explains that his impulse to fight arises from a deep-seated anger with the injustices his father has faced and those endured by black people in America more broadly.

Cleary uses some of the profits from his and Harriet’s contraception business to purchase a wedding band. He surprises Harriet with a proposal, which she promptly refuses. Clearly goes to confession and reveals that he set up Harriet’s arrest in the hopes that she would be defrocked and that she would one day marry him. The next morning, Harriet emerges from her room wearing the wedding band – accepting Cleary’s proposal.

With the new Knick hospital building in ruins from the fire, Henry settles with the insurance company and plans to pay all the donors back in full. He informs Barrow that he will not pursue reconstruction. The Robertson family’s ties to the new Knick died with his father.

Cornelia learns from Philip that Henry—not her father—was in charge of all Robertson ports. She realizes her error in suspecting her father and goes to confront Henry. When Cornelia accuses him of bringing Plague into the ports and killing their father, Henry admits his crime. He then proceeds to threaten Cornelia’s own life in order to keep her quiet. Cornelia flees Henry’s house and goes to buy passage to Australia, leaving her husband, city, and society-life behind.

The head of the State Medical Board that cleared Gallinger approaches him about traveling around Europe to preach the gospel of eugenics research. Gallinger accepts the offer, and is informed that Germany will be the first stop on the tour.

Pilfering cocaine from the Knick, Thackery injects himself with the drug before going into the surgical theater—this time as both patient and surgeon. Before a packed and stunned crowd, Thackery manages to resect some of his own intestine, but cuts himself while performing the procedure. He refuses to let Gallinger, Bertie, or Algernon assist in suturing him, instead attempting to stitch up the wound himself. When he falls unconscious, all three doctors jump into action, Bertie running off to secure a shot of adrenaline in the hopes of restarting Thackery’s heart.

After the failed surgery, Algernon looks over Abby’s journals, which detail her conversations with Mr. Dominczyk, a patient in the Knick’s addiction ward. Algernon tells Henry that he intends to continue Thackery’s addiction research, a decision that Henry heartily endorses. Algernon seeks out Mr. Dominczyk, who is still at the Knick. Algernon sits down and begins to talk with the patient, asking him about his dreams.