Do You Remember Moon Flower?

The Knick

S2 E19 Do You Remember Moon Flower?

Do You Remember Moon Flower?

The Knick, 209 – “Do You Remember Moonflower?”
Written by: Jack Amiel and Michael Begler
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Nicaragua, 1884.

Thackery arrives at a village medical clinic and discovers an outbreak of Smallpox. He also finds an American—Captain Robertson—imprisoned at the clinic. The officers in the village believe that the blankets Captain Robertson traded as payment to move his cargo across Nicaragua carried the disease. Thackery brokers a deal with one of the officers: he’ll only cure the Smallpox outbreak if Captain Robertson is subsequently released.

New York, 1901.

Detective Moorhouse seeks Gallinger out at the Knick. He informs the surgeon that more information has been uncovered regarding Dr. Cotton’s death; Cotton’s sons confessed to poisoning their father, before subsequently killing themselves. Gallinger is relieved of any fear that Eleanor will be implicated in the crime.

At the Showalter home, Philip tells Cornelia that he is leaving again for Ohio. He asks that she come with him this time. When Cornelia stalls, Philip’s frustration boils over. He tells Cornelia that if she doesn’t want to join him, he will find someone else who does.

In the aftermath of Abby’s death, Thackery is a wreck. Algernon informs him that Zoya and Nika are recovering successfully. They will be discharged from the Knick to live with a family in Missouri. Thackery is too dazed from his heroin and cocaine regimen to take much notice.

Outside the Knick, Bertie and Algernon see Zoya and Nika off. After the twins have officially departed, Gallinger rushes up to confront Algernon. Algernon has reported the sterilization surgeries to the State Medical Board, and Gallinger must now go defend himself. Before the men get into further argument, Thackery stumbles out hoping to say goodbye to Zoya and Nika. He collapses on the ground in pain. Algernon and Bertie insist that he be examined.

At Mount Sinai, Dr. Zinberg uses an endoscope to non-invasively inspect Thackery’s bowel. Peering through the device, Zinberg, Bertie, and Algernon all come to the conclusion that a section of the bowel is ischemic. Thackery needs surgery, but he tells all three men that he will not undergo any procedure. He wants to look for a non-surgical alternative.

Effie goes to see Barrow at the Knick. She’s discovered the records detailing the real construction costs for the new hospital building. In exchange for her silence, Effie demands that Barrow get her a new apartment uptown, return their children to private schools, and give her half of his salary as well as any income acquired through his illegal schemes.

Barrow tries to pressure Raphael Warren, the new architect, into slowing the pace of construction on the new Knick hospital, but Warren is determined to economize on the final stretch of construction.

Cornelia and Henry discuss what to do with their findings about their father's shipping business. Henry thinks it's best to confront Captain Robertson before going to the police. He asks Cornelia to meet him and their father at night at the new Knick uptown.

Gallinger and Algernon present their respective cases before the State Medical Board. The Board sides with Gallinger. After the hearing, Algernon tries to engage Gallinger in a physical fight. Gallinger pretends to take the higher ground, then aims a punch directly at Algernon’s damaged eye as soon as the surgeon lets his guard down.

Cleary and Harriet maintain their professional partnership, and begin to distribute condoms – a hot seller in the seedier venues.

At night, Lucy enters her father’s ward. She tells A.D. Elkins that she will no longer be shamed by the likes of him. Detailing the full extent of her sins, Lucy fills a syringe and injects her father with the contents, leaving him dead.

Arriving at the new Knick—the construction is nearly done—Cornelia meets her father on the top floor of the building. Henry has yet to arrive, but Cornelia launches into her charges against the Captain. Robertson appears sincerely shocked, but he’s interrupted in disputing Cornelia’s accusations by the smell of smoke. A fire has begun to consume the new hospital. Trapped on the top floor, Robertson is able to extend a ladder part of the way to the ground level. He holds it in place while Cornelia descends to safety. As Cornelia pleads for help, her father jumps from the burning building to his death.