Williams and Walker

The Knick

S2 E17 Williams and Walker

Williams and Walker

The Knick, 207 – “Williams and Walker”
Written by: Jack Amiel and Michael Begler
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Thackery experiments with hypnotism on a patient who is participating in the addiction study. Thackery urges the patient, Wendell, to perceive alcohol as his mother’s waste. When Wendell is released from his trance, he vomits at the sight of alcohol—the hypnotism was a success.

Garrison Carr arrives at the Knick and tries to check into the hospital. Algernon is initially taken aback that the lecturer did not wait to receive a go-ahead from the board, but he decides to follow Carr’s lead and proceed with the check-in. When Thackery learns that Algernon has completely circumvented the board, he says that this is now a fight Algernon will have to carry out alone.

After Barrow shortchanges him on his pay, Frazier Wingo, the architect for the new Knick hospital, tells Barrow that he is aware of the hospital manager’s skimming scheme. Wingo demands a raise in his own fees.

Continuing her investigation into Speight’s death, Cornelia goes to the Bureau of Immigration. Pretending to be there on behalf of the Robertsons, she discovers her family is paying the port inspectors to sneak out third and fourth class passengers in Manhattan – rather than have them pass through to Ellis Island where they would not pass inspection. By bribing the port inspectors, her family saves on the expense of shipping immigrants back.

Thackery preps the Knick staff for surgery on the conjoined twins Zoya and Nika. He’s nervous, thinking back to his failed blood transfusion procedure. Thackery calls Abby for reassurance that he can in fact perform this new surgery successfully.

Henry films the surgery on Zoya and Nika. After completing the procedure, Thackery presents the footage to a packed audience in the surgical theater. Both girls have survived the operation, though Nika has a case of post-operative pneumonia.

Hobart corners Cornelia in her room. He’s purchased back the earrings she sold in San Francisco. Returning them to Cornelia, Hobart reveals that he’s had her followed. He berates her for not fulfilling the role of dutiful wife and society lady. Upset, Cornelia tells Philip that she wants to leave his father’s home. Philip is sympathetic, but he says they can’t upset his father. The Robertsons are in debt to the Showalters, and any wrong move could rouse his father to ruin Cornelia’s family.

Cleary has a new business proposition for Harriet: the development and sale of contraceptive goods. Though she's at first hesitant to work once more in an illegal trade, Harriet agrees to the partnership. This time, she demands an equal share of profits in the new venture.

At the fundraiser ball, Barrow tells the board that Wingo has purposefully raised construction costs. Captain Robertson gives Barrow the go-ahead to fire the architect. At the end of the evening, Opal asks Captain Robertson whether or not Algernon has a place at the new Knick hospital. Robertson tries to evade the question, but he finally concedes that Algernon’s place is not guaranteed.

Algernon commences surgery on Carr. Unbeknownst to Algernon, Gallinger swaps out the 1/12 Grain Curare originally set on the surgical table with a tampered vial of a much stronger version of the drug. After Algernon injects Carr with the tampered substance, the lecturer’s breathing becomes inexplicably rapid. Gallinger rushes to the surgical table and provides a diagnosis: Algernon injected too high a dosage of the Curare, which is a paralytic. Carr’s muscles have been temporarily rendered useless. Gallinger has perfectly staged the surgery so that Algernon looks like a fool and he comes off as a hero in the surgical theater.