The Best with the Best to Get the Best

The Knick

S2 E13 The Best with the Best to Get the Best

The Best with the Best to Get the Best

The Knick, 203 – “The Best With the Best to Get the Best”
Written by: Jack Amiel and Michael Begler
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

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Intrigued by Kate’s practice of injecting heroin and cocaine at the same time, Thackery secures vials of both drugs. Since he can't make new needle marks on his body, he burns the liquid heroin and cocaine, crystalizing each into a powder. He then proceeds to snort them both.

Bertie has his first day with Dr. Zinberg at Mt. Sinai hospital. During the morning meeting, he's introduced to his fellow doctors with the rank of third surgeon. Bertie is disappointed to learn he’ll begin his work in the lab, researching a new gland extract—adrenaline. An unexpected consolation comes his way, however, when he gets a date with a pretty young woman sitting in on the meeting: Genevieve Everidge, a Collier’s reporter who is doing a story on Dr. Zinberg.

A young heiress, Clara, dies suddenly of a drug overdose at Cromartie Hospital. When Thackery gets word of this, he reaches out to her family and asks for permission to conduct research on the body. Clara’s parents give their consent, but only after Thackery suggests that his findings might help Clara’s mother, whose shaky hands betray that she is also an addict.

Before Harriet's pre-trial hearing, Mr. Whitting tells Cleary that he will not continue his legal services beyond the pre-trial if he does not receive payment. When the judge arrives in the courtroom, he promptly shuts down Mr. Whitting’s request to dismiss the case on the basis of entrapment. The judge is an anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant hardliner and hopes to make an example of Harriet.

Gallinger tries to convince Eleanor to come with him to a Penn Medical School class reunion. Though her new set of dentures are now in place, Eleanor is nervous at the prospect of mingling with Gallinger’s classmates and their wives. Arriving alone at the Penn Club, Gallinger falls into conversation with two men who have dedicated themselves to Eugenics research. Their discussion of the field sparks Gallinger’s interest.

Genevieve and Bertie go to Huber’s Palace on their first date. As they walk among the various “freak” acts, they talk about their backgrounds. Genevieve reveals that her real name is Esther Kohn, and that she is the daughter of a Jewish shirt-maker.

During a service led by her father, Lucy feels compelled to confess her sins. Back in her room, Lucy tells her father she feels free after her confession. He tells her that she is far from free. He is ashamed of her sins—her words humiliated him before the congregation. Deeply upset, Lucy submits to her father’s punishment.

Unbeknownst to his father, Henry commits himself as a partner in the subway bid.

Thackery seeks out Kate at The Haymarket. They try his new creation of crystalized heroin and cocaine. Thackery then proceeds to Abby’s house. Her new nose is healed, but Abby tells Thackery that she’s begun to have muscle spasms, and that her insomnia and headaches have gotten worse. She is entering the final stages of the syphilitic condition.

Back at the Knick, Thackery asks Algernon to assist him in researching cures for syphilis. Thackery reveals that he has already discovered that the syphilis spirochete can be killed by heat. Algernon suggests that they could induce fever by injecting malaria—reliably cured with a dose of quinine—into the infected system. The two decide to begin testing this practice on pigs.

In his office at the Knick, Algernon receives a call from the Robinson household: his wife, Opal, has arrived from Europe.