Working Late A Lot

The Knick

S1 E8 Working Late A Lot

Working Late A Lot

War in the Philippines has caused a cocaine shortage. The hospital is left without an important anesthetic and Thackery without the stimulant that the keeps him going.  During a hospital board meeting, Thackery interrupts a discussion about the cost of the riots and demands to know where they can get the drug, but it's not available anywhere.

Sister Harriet gives the Gallingers an orphaned baby named Grace with the hope that she will fill the void left by Lillian's death. Everett takes her into their home, but Eleanor is still in denial about what happened to her child and leaves Grace unattended.

Thackery presents Algernon's new methods of hernia repair to the New York Surgical Society, but his cocaine withdrawal is starting to impair him. He is irritated during the presentation of Levi Zinberg, a Jewish doctor he considers his rival, whose new "illuminating intrascope" will allow doctors to look inside their patients before making large incisions. Bertram Chickering Sr. approaches Thackery after the presentation and urges him to allow Bertie to leave the Knick. Bertie tells his father that it isn't just Thackery that's keeping him at the Knick -- he's in love with Nurse Elkins.

Lucy, meanwhile, continues to sleep with Thackery under the effects of what little cocaine they have left. Still high, Thackery rewrites the previa journal article he worked on with Bertie. When he presents the material to Bertie the next morning, it's barely legible.

Cornelia tells her coachman that she has another late night at the hospital, then immediately goes to see his son, Algernon. They've been carrying on the affair for weeks and she continues to make up excuses for her late nights.

Barrow does what he can to try to secure additional cocaine for the hospital. He asks Captain Robertson for financial help, but the war has hurt him too. Barrow even tries the archbishop, but is turned away as well.

Mary Mallon, the typhoid-spreading kitchen worker, has petitioned the court to release her from isolation at North Bear Island. She claims to have been wrongfully imprisoned, since she's not sick at all. Bertie testifies that she doesn't need to exhibit the symptoms to carry the disease, then snaps at the judge when he doesn't understand. Typhoid Mary is free to go; she applies for another job under a different name.

Thackery's condition continues to deteriorate. Before performing an operation on a patient's jaw, he tries self-medicating with strychnine. It doesn't have the desired the effect and he has to excuse himself from the procedure, leaving Gallinger and Algernon to finish the job.

Thackery visits the opium den to smoke away his troubles.