Start Calling Me Dad

The Knick

S1 E6 Start Calling Me Dad

Start Calling Me Dad

The phone rings early in the morning at the Chickering residence. Dr. Thackery has been working for two straight days on a new surgical procedure for patients with placenta previa and he requires Bertie's assistance at the hospital. Using two prostitutes from Thackery's opium den as test subjects, he proposes inserting the rubber bladder from a basketball as a balloon to slow the internal bleeding from inside the patient. Bertie suggests filling the balloon with water instead of air and Thackery commends him for his good work.

Sister Harriet comforts Eleanor and Gallinger as their daughter Lillian's condition has worsened. Eleanor is in denial about her daughter's fading health and insists Gallinger try one last option – bleeding. It doesn't work, and Lillian dies. Even at the girl's wake, Eleanor refuses to accept her Lillian's fate. Sister Harriet suggests they take in a child who was abandoned at the hospital.

A medical salesman named Mr. Luff sells Barrow a second-hand X-ray machine. He approaches Thackery about lending his name to a pharmaceutical product, which is sure to make the esteemed doctor a very wealthy man. Thackery tells Luff he'll consider the offer when hell freezes over.

Inspector Speight realizes a food preparer, Mary Mallon, is the cause of the typhoid outbreak among the upper class families. He goes with Cornelia to confront "Typhoid Mary" where she works. When Mary makes a run for it, Cornelia tackles her.

Cleary and Sister Harriet secretly carry on their abortion side-business. They bond as they learn more about each other.

After Thackery puts out a call to the other New York hospitals, a new previa patient is sent to the Knick. With a full gallery watching, he and Bertie successfully carry out the new "Christiansen-Thackery-Chickering placental repair"—saving both mother and child.

Late that night, as Thackery writes up the paperwork for the new technique, he hears people going downstairs. He investigates the basement and discovers Algernon's underground clinic. Thackery calls out Algernon for his insubordination, duplicity, and lack of morality. Despite Algernon's protests, he demands that all patients be removed from the grounds immediately and fires Algernon on the spot. But when Thackery stumbles upon Algernon's electric vacuum and other surgical innovations, his interest is piqued. The two men strike a deal – Algernon can treat the patients until they recover and Thackery will publish Algernon's work. For the first time, Thackery welcomes Algernon to the Knick as his deputy chief of surgery.