Episode Forty

Strike Back

S4 E40 Episode Forty

Episode Forty

Scott and Stonebridge emerge from the wreckage of the helicopter crash. Left with no other choice, they leave Locke’s body and flee into the Swiss Alps. Scott and Stonebridge argue about their next course of action -- Scott wants to go back and fight, but Stonebridge, knowing they’re outnumbered, emphasizes escaping with their lives. The pair meets an Austrian man who allows them to use his phone, which Scott uses to call Christy. Over drinks, Stonebridge discusses the life he might have had if he weren't a soldier. The man gifts Scott and Stonebridge a stick of dynamite and an old motorcycle. Meanwhile, Mason, Faber and a team or mercenaries track the pair. They find the Austrian man and torture him for information.

In a dam, Scott and Stonebridge uncover a safe, which they are disappointed to find empty of weapons. A swarm of enemies approach and the guys use the dynamite stick to defend themselves while laying low inside the safe. As shots ring out, Scott and Stonebridge leap from the dam into churning water below. Scott is hit and Stonebridge tends to his wound. The pair separate and are both able to fight off attackers, even though doing so almost kills Scott.

Scott wakes up at Christy’s place and the pair catch up. Later, Scott realizes that Christy is working with the mercenaries. She’s shot and killed through the window. A full-scale attack breaks out. Stonebridge gets a knife through the hand while Scott is shot in the leg. Just when they think it’s over, they see Faber with a white flag. Scott and Stonebridge invite the man into their hideout. Faber offers a chance to buy out Ridley -- for 2 million pounds. Offended that Faber assumed they’ve been stealing, Stonebridge takes him out. A shootout ensues, leaving Scott and Stonebridge’s fates in jeopardy.

Stonebridge visits Ridley with the military metals of soldiers who sacrificed their lives -- among the names is Damien Scott. As he leaves, Stonebridge promises he will kill Ridley. Stonebridge visits Scott -- who is very much alive and planning a road trip to Vegas with Finn. Scott admits he has no idea what he will do next and the men part ways, each grateful to begin a new chapter.