Episode Thirty-Eight

Strike Back

S4 E38 Episode Thirty-Eight

Episode Thirty-Eight

Li-Na escapes from the bank with the book she stole from the safe deposit box. Scott and Stonebridge pursue on motorbikes and rescue Nina in the process. After dodging police who misidentify them as bank robbers, Scott and Stonebridge rendezvous with Locke and Nina. The group learns from Nina’s hostage Myshkin that the book Li-Na uncovered was filled with codes.

Scott and Stonebridge break into the hotel where a decoder is working on Li-Na’s journal. The man reluctantly follows Scott and Stonebridge on a dangerous escape route. The decoder admits to cracking three of the codes -- although he claims he could not interpret the Korean. Nine codes remain.

Kwon discovers the decoder is missing and calls Li-Na. She assures him they’ve already received the crucial piece of information and calls a scientist from the International Nuclear Research Organization named Heo Gil Rae.

Scott and Stonebridge stop at a diner so the decoder can finish his work. While the nervous man visits the bathroom, Scott and Stonebridge realize he knows more than he’s letting on. They find the man escaping with Kwon, whom he’s been working for directly. In their getaway car, the decoder writes the rest of the codes from memory. Kwon receives the intel, shoots the boy and leaves him at the side of the road.

Locke discovers that the decoded names are sleeper agents in Office 39 -- including Heo -- which means that Li-Na is likely building a nuclear bomb. Noting a convoy leaving a facility with nuclear material, Locke sends Scott and Stonebridge to intercept the vehicle. At the scene, Heo and Kwon overtake the car carrying the nuclear material and extract the key to the carriage -- a scientist’s eye. Scott and Stonebridge arrive on the scene and a shootout ensues. They’re able to steal a truck, but after they hit a roadblock, Kwon uses the eye to open the van and extract the nuclear matter.

Locke goes after Oppenheimer and confronts the bomber about the death of his 7-year-old son. Oppenheimer says that he was sent to murder Locke by the British government; his son was just collateral damage. Locke lets his emotions get the best of him and kills Oppenheimer. Scott and Stonebridge find their boss with the body. The group believes Li-Na is headed to the United Nations in Geneva with the nuclear bomb.