Thirty Seven

Strike Back

S4 E37 Thirty Seven

Thirty Seven

Nina Perigova coordinates with an undercover spy who clones the phone of Russian mafia leader Myshkin. Scott, Stonebridge and Nina head to the Vienna opera house, where they plan to receive the intel. The exchange goes awry when Nina’s contact is discovered and killed, causing a panicked exodus from the theater. Later, Nina debriefs with Scott and shares the personal hatred she has for Myshkin. She and Scott rekindle their old flame.

Locke digs into the intel Nina’s source uncovered and learns that Kwon has been working with Oppenheimer, a notorious bomber who’s evaded arrest for over a decade. “He is like no one we’ve ever faced,” Locke tells Stonebridge.

Section 20 waits for the meeting of Kwon and Oppenheimer at a public square. Stonebridge moves in to apprehend Oppenheimer, but learns the man has planted a bomb in the crowded plaza. As he listens in on Oppenheimer, Locke has a traumatic flashback; he abandons his post to pursue the bomber. Stonebridge scrambles to clear the plaza just as the explosion detonates.

After apprehending Kwon, Scott tortures the man to find Li-Na’s whereabouts. Stonebridge is uncomfortable with Scott’s tactics. While the two men argue, Kwon frees himself and escapes.

Nina finds Li-Na and follows her into a bank. Together with Kwon, Li-Na threatens the manager’s pregnant wife, prompting the man to open the bank’s vault. Inside, Kwon breaks into a safety deposit box that holds a one-of-a-kind document. Meanwhile, the Russian mafia takes the bank and Myshkin uncovers Nina. Scott and Stonebridge arrive, but are too late to stop Li-Na from leaving with the document.