Episode 6

Strike Back

S4 E36 Episode 6

Episode 6

After capturing Scott and Stonebridge, North Korea accuses Britain of committing an act of war. Locke learns that the British government is claiming the soldiers are rogue mercenaries.

Scott and Stonebridge are brought into a room where Li-Na parades a hooded Finn before them. She demands a recorded confession in exchange for the boy’s life. When the captives are silent, Li-Na shoots the hooded man in the head, letting Scott fully panic before she reveals the dead man to be a North Korean solider. Left to contemplate his decision, Scott is haunted by the choices he made that led his son to this predicament.

Martinez reviews news footage and sees that Stonebridge made a hand signal as a clue to his location. Locke and Martinez both realized they’re disobeying direct orders by embarking on a rescue mission, but decide to do so anyway. Locke meets with Scott’s old flame Nina Perigova, who agrees to lend her help and contacts.

Finn is brought in before Scott and Stonebridge. Li-Na puts a gun to Finn’s head and Scott gives in; He goes on camera saying he was ordered to commit terrorist attacks against North Korea. Stonebridge also goes on camera, but refuses to talk. Li-Na threatens Finn again, but Stonebridge is not persuaded. He speaks to Li-Na’s personal investment in the North Korean cause, knowing she was forced to live a lie for so many years. Stonebridge’s distraction allows Scott to free himself and hold Li-Na at gunpoint. He’s ready to pull the trigger, but Stonebridge emphasizes that they need a hostage. The three men leave with her in tow. They manage to fend off a flurry of gunfire and escape the compound, but lose Li-Na in the process.

Scott realizes Finn has been shot. Stonebridge drives them to a hospital where a doctor agrees to help them. When a group of North Korean soldiers enter the building, the doctor sneaks Scott, Stonebridge and Finn out the back.

Lin-Na meets with her mentor Moon Young-Su, who assures her that she’s not at fault, but still must die for what’s happened. Before he can shoot her, Kwon takes the older man out. The pair flees.

Locke, Perigova and Martinez are able to extract Scott, Stonebridge and Finn by helicopter. Once out of the country, Scott and Stonebridge head to the hospital where Finn is recovering. Scott apologizes to his son, and promises to be more involved in Finn’s life.

Martinez says goodbye to Stonebridge, who assures her that she’s not at fault for Julia’s death.

Perigova informs Section 20 that Kwon and Li-Na are planning an attack in Europe.