Episode 5

Strike Back

S4 E35 Episode 5

Episode 5

Scott bids farewell to Finn as Section 20 prepares to infiltrate North Korea. Locke reminds the men that if they’re captured, they’re on their own.

Scott and Stonebridge are smuggled into the country by a group of Russian construction workers. They meet Park, Locke’s contact, who provides intel and weapons. Park’s son unwittingly leads in a group of soldiers, who execute both father and son. Scott and Stonebridge escape. Although they’ve been compromised, they decide to pursue Mei and begin their journey on foot.

Mei meets with her mentor who calls her by her true name – Li-Na. Li-Na rekindles her flame with an old classmate, who explains that he’ll serve as her liaison as she acclimates back to life in North Korea. They share a kiss.

Aware of Section 20’s presence in North Korea, Li-Na decides to enact a contingency plan: capture Finn. The boy is targeted in an open-air market. When he arrives back at the hotel, two gunmen follow him. Finn gets Locke’s attention -- Section 20 is staying at the same hotel -- and Locke takes out the assassins. Finn runs, but is eventually captured and thrown into the trunk of a car.

Scott and Stonebridge trudge through the North Korean forest when they come across a child and his parents. Stonebridge gives them food.

Martinez tells Locke that the DEA wants her back; she believes she can use their satellites to track Scott and Stonebridge inside North Korea.

Scott and Stonebridge approach an iron and steel complex. The men discover a way into the plant via a local dignitary, just as Li-Na impatiently warns her liaison that they should be more focused on security.

Locke tells Stonebridge about Finn’s kidnapping, encouraging Stonebridge to tell his partner only if Scott can mentally handle the news without getting distracted. Stonebridge opts not to share it after Stonebridge shoots a man who'd carelessly killed a woman -- which leads to their fast detection inside the compound.

Stonebridge plants explosives while Scott fends off attackers. The bombs detonate; Li-Na escapes unharmed. Scott and Stonebridge retreat through the woods, thrilled that the vanadium has been destroyed. They stop when they hear Finn’s voice over a speaker. Stonebridge admits that he knew Finn was missing. Furious, Scott drops his weapon and marches over to the North Korean troops. Stonebridge has no choice but to join Scott and raise his arms in surrender.