Episode 4

Strike Back

S4 E34 Episode 4

Episode 4

After being left behind at Shiro's private island, Stonebridge is bailed out by two mercenaries named Faber and Mason. The men claim to be employed by the CIA and are furious that Section 20 compromised their mission to apprehend Shiro. Stonebridge brings the Americans to Locke, who confirms their story with the CIA. Faber and Mason request that Section 20 back off. Locke promises that if they can work together to stop the vanadium shipment to North Korea, America can have Shiro.

Scott fights off the Yakuza and he and Finn escape. They share a bonding moment when Scott encourages his son to seek his stepfather's forgiveness for his recent behavior. Scott sends Finn to a hotel and rushes to join Section 20.

The team, joined by the Americans, set off to find Shiro and the vanadium at the Kokura Foundation, the legal front to Shiro's drug operation. Mei arrives with trucks stocked with contraband. Mason goes rogue and Faber reveals to Stonebridge that their actual mission is to kill Shiro. A shootout ensues and Shiro and Mei take off with one truck, while Stonebridge pursues and destroys the other -- after learning it contains vanadium.

Mei stands over Shiro, who is bleeding out from a gunshot wound. She leaves him with a loaded gun, and asks if he thinks he deserves to live after murdering his father for his own selfish purposes.

Section 20 arrives at the scene and more gunfire is exchanged. Richmond and Martinez go for Mei's truck. They destroy the vehicle, but Richmond is injured and captured by Mei. Locke confronts Shiro, who reveals that the trucks were decoys: the vanadium is gone. Locke implores Shiro to help him stop Mei, but the mercenaries take Shiro out before he can provide any information.

Mei tells Richmond that the vanadium will be in North Korea momentarily. Mei asks for intel, and promises to let Richmond live in exchange. Richmond refuses; Mei kills her. Scott is devastated to find her body on the side of the road.