Episode 2

Strike Back

S4 E32 Episode 2

Episode 2

British Ambassador Robin Foster emerges from the explosion inside the embassy alive but seriously injured. His daughter Chloe is delivered back to safety. Scott and Stonebridge apprehend McQueen, knowing he's their only link to the masterminds behind the attack. Before they can question him, McQueen is apprehended and taken into custody by Thai police. Scott and Locke tail McQueen and his captors, ultimately rescuing McQueen from execution.

McQueen agrees to talk in exchange for the protection of his wife and unborn child. Richmond and Martinez fight off the police and successfully collect McQueen's wife. Assured of his family's safety, McQueen reveals that he gets his orders from Lee -- a member of Office 39, the North Korean's government sponsored crime syndicate. The attack on the embassy was just the start of a larger plan to escalate tension and start a war.

McQueen discloses the location of Lee's headquarters. Scott and Stonebridge infiltrate the hideout. They are quickly discovered and pursued, but are able to extract hard drives and other intel. They evade pursuit by exploding a stash of meth on the roof and parachuting to safety.

The Section 20 crib is compromised. Locke leads an evacuation, while McQueen sacrifices himself and is shot down. Changrok, the leader of the Thai police force, stands over McQueen's body, and McQueen sets off a grenade.

Suspecting Foster's assistant as the leak who keeps exposing Section 20, Locke leads the group to the hospital to question Foster. Unbeknownst to all, Foster's wife Mei injects him with poison. As he lies dying, she reveals that he's never known her real name -- she's acting for North Korea.