Episode 1

Strike Back

S4 E31 Episode 1

Episode 1

Chloe Foster, daughter of British Ambassador Robin Foster, is kidnapped in Southern Thailand. Foster calls in his long-time friend Lt. Colonel Philip Locke and Section 20. Damien Scott and St. Michael Stonebridge are unable to extract Chloe, but track down the identity of her kidnapper, Ray McQueen.

Back at the British embassy, Foster begins talks with a North Korean delegation about their nuclear program. Foster receives an ornate package, which contains his daughter's severed finger and a cell phone that promises ransom details.

A North Korean general pulls over McQueen and drops a bag to be delivered to Foster. McQueen arrives at a nightclub and passes the bag to an associate. Sgt. Julia Richmond makes contact with McQueen inside, and is taken down when McQueen recognizes her as a threat. Scott and Stonebridge rush into the club, bailing out Richmond and making a scene. McQueen escapes the brawl with Chloe in his car and Section 20 in pursuit.

Foster receives and follows instructions to pick up the package. McQueen calls Foster and threatens to kill Chloe unless the parcel is delivered to the North Koreans. Having opened the bag, Foster realizes he's being asked to bomb his own embassy. Locke tails Foster to the target, imploring him to wait. Section 20 is able to rescue the girl, just as the bomb goes off.