Episode Twenty-Eight

Strike Back

S3 E28 Episode Twenty-Eight

Episode Twenty-Eight

Sgt. Damien Scott and Maj. Nina Pirogova are handcuffed together and loaded onto an SUV by Ulyanov's henchmen. They orchestrate an escape from their captors at a gas station, but Russian police pursue them in a stolen getaway car. The chase ends in a clearing where Scott and Nina surrender. But Richmond and Martinez, tipped off by a phone call from Scott, take down the awaiting officers and free their comrades.

At a bio-medical facility in Drezna, Sgt. Michael Stonebridge is deemed an unfit specimen for experimentation due to the bio-toxin ravaging his body. He fights off two orderlies with directives to incinerate him. Free within the facility, Stonebridge discovers that the Russians are weaponizing smallpox for al-Zuhari. Stonebridge finds Andersson, but it's too late; the hacker's already been infected. On his deathbed, Andersson tells Stonebridge he decrypted files on every NATO base in Europe. Unbeknownst to al-Zuhari's people, Andersson tagged everything he did.

Leo Kamali admits to Lt. Col. Philip Locke that he gave up Scott and Stonebridge's cover in Black Bear. To prove his loyalty, he offers to lead the team into the bio-medical facility. Once inside, Scott finds Stonebridge in bad shape; he frees his partner and provides the poison's antidote. With the whole team under siege, Ulyanov and his guards seize Kamali and escape in a helicopter. Later that evening, Section 20 receives a tape of Kamali's execution.