Episode Twenty-Seven

Strike Back

S3 E27 Episode Twenty-Seven

Episode Twenty-Seven

Sgts. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge intentionally get arrested in order to infiltrate a maximum-security Russian prison, nicknamed The Black Bear. Their mission is to intercept Erik Andersson, an infamous computer hacker who was kidnapped and brought into the prison to decrypt the files stolen from the British Embassy. Once inside, Scott approaches Andersson who reveals that his friends are being held hostage. Richmond and Martinez must rescue the captives in order to stop Andersson from exposing the stolen intel.

Leo Kamali closes al-Zuhari's bank accounts in Moscow, in an exchange that leaves both the bank official and Kamali's bodyguard dead. Kamali's growing suspicion that he's been exposed as a double agent seems warranted when his car explodes.

The boys learn that Stonebridge has been exposed to a biological weapon carrying Clostridium Botulinum poison. He must receive an anti-toxin within 24 hours to prevent paralysis and death.

With the mission to rescue Andersson's friends a success, Scott and Stonebridge use their cellmate Pushkin to create a distracting riot. They reach Andersson and meet Nina Pirogova, a double agent from the Russian Federal Security Service working with Locke. They're too late, they learn, as al-Zuhari has already received the encrypted information from the drive. With Nina's cover exposed, she urges them to flee the scene, but the boys promised to free Andersson and refuse to leave the prison without him. Stonebridge goes after Andersson in a truck but Nina keeps Scott from following. Guards capture both parties before either can escape.