Episode Twenty-Five

Strike Back

S3 E25 Episode Twenty-Five

Episode Twenty-Five

In pursuit of Mairead MacKenna, Lt. Col. Philip Locke accosts IRA gunrunner turned arms dealer Sean O'Riordan in Budapest. O'Riordan is killed by a car as he runs from questioning, but Locke uncovers a media file on his body. The team decodes the video to find a message from al-Zuhari that promises that the IRA and Islamic terrorists will attack the West in unison in the next 48 hours.

Sgts. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge wait for Hungarian criminals to unload weapons in a deserted switching yard. MacKenna's crew ambushes the exchange and is startled to discover Section 20 waiting for them. The convoy of stolen weapons takes off, and Stonebridge is shaken when his blurred vision causes him to miss a shot at the vehicle.

Locke interrogates Mairead about the impending attack. As leverage, he evokes the woman's dead brother, Francie. The man was not the fierce IRA bomber his reputation indicates; Locke reveals he was a tout for the British. Locke plays footage of Francie informing and threatens to upload it to a Republican News Website. He's making headway when Group Captain Covee interrupts the interrogation. The team must question MacKenna on British soil, the Captain reveals, due to bureaucratic pressure from the Irish Consulate.

At the airport, Mairead asks to visit the bathroom where she collects a stashed weapon. As the team is heading to the waiting plane, grenades are set off, sending the airport into chaos. Mairead captures Locke amidst the crossfire and loads him onto an armored vehicle.