Episode Twenty-Four

Strike Back

S3 E24 Episode Twenty-Four

Episode Twenty-Four

James Leatherby and his men kidnap Leo Kamali's daughter, Ester, as payback for his collusion with Section 20. Lt. Col. Philip Locke dispatches his team to retrieve the girl, and sends Kamali in pursuit of Maj. Rachel Dalton and her hostage, Sofia. Kamali locates the women just after Dalton's torture tactics yield valuable intel: Sofia is al-Zuhari's wife.

Sgts. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge successfully exfil Ester Kamali from Leatherby's compound. As they're exiting, Locke radios with news of Sofia's identity and orders his men to obtain her original destination from Leatherby. Scott and Stonebridge seize Leatherby's boyfriend, Farhan, as leverage. Leatherby discloses the location, but quickly realizes his lover has been working with the enemy and shoots him. Moments later, Scott and Stonebridge kill Leatherby.

Kamali convinces Dalton to release Sofia so that she can lead them to al-Zuhari's location. As Kamali cuts her restraints, he whispers to her that he is working with her husband. Dalton and Kamali follow Sofia to a building where she arrives to find an Irish woman named Mairead MacKenna waiting for her, not her husband as promised. MacKenna kills Sofia and removes an item from Sofia's watch. When she hears the gunfire, Dalton runs inside. She's shot by MacKenna and left to die.

Later, Scott receives word that MacKenna has been spotted at the airport and is called in for a briefing at the Crib. The news saves his life; he avoids a hit man waiting in his hotel room.