Episode Twenty-Three

Strike Back

S3 E23 Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Three

Section 20 operates with Leo Kamali as its liaison to al-Zuhari's network in Beirut. Desperate for intel, Maj. Rachel Dalton pushes Kamali and Sgts. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge into dangerous circumstances, causing the group to question her judgment. After an intimidating encounter with al-Zuhari's smuggler, Scottish sociopath James Leatherby, Kamali threatens to quit the operation. Scott and Stonebridge head to Kamali's home, where they earn his renewed commitment and meet his teenage daughter, Ester.

Dalton sanctions the kidnapping of Leatherby's boyfriend, Farhan. Under coercion, the man confirms what Dalton's previous source revealed: al-Zuhari will be smuggled into Lebanon. Farhan discloses that the delivery location is an airfield, and Dalton commissions a takedown. The operation goes awry when Stonebridge's cover is blown. Leatherby recognizes the link between Stonebridge and Kamali, and assumes the latter is a turncoat. While Leatherby attends to his lover, Stonebridge and Scott find the cargo isn't al-Zuharhi; it's a Syrian woman named Sofia.

At the Crib, Dalton's interrogation of Sofia is interrupted by Lt. Col. Philip Locke, who maintains that the hostage is merely the daughter of a former Syrian finance minister. No longer confident in Dalton's decision-making, Locke places her on immediate extended leave. Dalton is convinced that Sofia is withholding; she goes rogue and sneaks the hostage out of the Crib.