Episode Twenty-Two

Strike Back

S3 E22 Episode Twenty-Two

Episode Twenty-Two

Sgt. Damien Scott and S20's prisoner, Leo Kamali, free Rebecca Levi from the sinking boat's driver's cabin. While Scott drags Rebecca ashore and frantically performs CPR, Kamali flees into the Columbian jungle. Once revived, Rebecca sleeps with Scott and pledges to help the team find Kamali before Lt. Colonel Locke realizes he's missing. She informs the group that Kamali stores intel in banks; the Central Stock Exchange contains a safety deposit box with his whereabouts. The group plans to rob the bank by kidnapping Raoul Gomez, President of the Stock Exchange and brother of notorious cartel leader, Miguel Gomez.

The team infiltrates the bank and, with Rebecca, is able to deduce the number of Kamali's deposit box while their hostage, Raoul, lies unconscious from a heart attack. He recovers just as the team grabs the assets and flees the scene, evading pursuit of a private military crew. During their escape, Rebecca is fatally wounded and dies in Scott's arms.

The crew locates Kamali's safe house using the intel from the bank. By the time they arrive, they're significantly outnumbered. The boys are alone with Kamali, and decide to execute him before they're killed. It is then that Kamali reveals he's actually a double agent working deep under cover for the CIA. The boys acquiesce and surrender their weapons just as they receive word from their team that the CIA has no record of Kamali and Miguel bursts in. The boys are tortured; Miguel and Raoul demand the motive behind Viktor Ulyanov's shooting. Kamali enters and helps the boys kill the Gomez brothers before Stonebridge knocks him unconscious and takes him to S20's crib. There, Kamali's handler August Van Berg confirms that he is the CIA's most-prized undercover asset. He claims to have killed Baxter out of mercy and agrees to share intel with S20, as long as they protect his cover.