Episode Twenty-One

Strike Back

S3 E21 Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty-One

Sgt. Damien Scott and Sgt. Michael Stonebridge are enjoying a much-needed break from Section 20, racing motorcycles down a California highway. Their leave is cut short when Sgt. Julia Richmond arrives via helicopter to bring them bad news. An operation Maj. Rachel Dalton and Sgt. Liam Baxter were running in Lebanon went wrong and Baxter was shot dead by Leo Kamali, a British-Lebanese money launderer with ties to the international terrorist al-Zuhari.

Following Kamali to Colombia, Scott and Stonebridge are briefed by the Special Forces legend Lt. Col. Philip Locke.  They team up with Kim Martinez, an American DEA agent who knows the lay of the land, particularly the workings of local cartel boss named Miguel Gomez. Kamali is in Colombia to facilitate a drugs-for-arms deal between Gomez and the Russian mobster Arkady Ulyanov, through Uyanov's son Viktor.

Scott, Stonebridge, and Martinez's plan to infiltrate Gomez's compound and take Kamali with them hits a snag when Scott discovers that Kamali's girlfriend Celine is really the Mossad agent Rebecca Levi, who'd been working on getting in with Kamali for months. They go ahead with the plan anyway, killing Viktor Ulyanov in the process. They move Kamali to the exfil location, only to find that Martinez's team has been ambushed. Stonebridge commandeers a cartel gunboat and picks up the rest of the team. Using a combination of explosives and ingenuity, they shake off their pursuers. But just as they begin to celebrate, Gomez takes aim at them from the shoreline with a rocket launcher. The boat is hit and sinks below the water. Stonebridge manages to pull Martinez out to safety, but Rebecca and Scott are stuck inside the driver's cabin and Kamali is cuffed to the sinking boat.