Episode Eighteen

Strike Back

S2 E18 Episode Eighteen

Episode Eighteen

Stonebridge has sought refuge for himself and Walter Lutulu's would-be assassin in a local police station, but he has to persuade the only officer there, Moses, to call in reinforcements for protection against the crowd massing outside.

Meanwhile, Scott escorts a wounded Walter and his daughter Lilian into the hospital. In the elevator, Scott realizes two of the "doctors" are not what they seem to be, and one of them manages to shoot and kill Walter before Scott can disarm him. Scott hides with Lilian in the hospital basement with Craig Hanson hot on their heels. Hanson tries to convince Lilian that Scott is not to be trusted, and the two men engage in a fist fight. Hanson runs off, but Scott manages to secure his cell phone. He and Lilian flee in a stolen ambulance.

At the police station, Stonebridge questions the assassin but gets no answers. The vigilante crowd won't be kept at bay much longer, and Stonebridge is forced to fire non-lethal rounds into the mob as reinforcements arrive-earlier than expected. Stonebridge realizes the man and woman in police uniforms aren't cops and shoots the impostors dead. Among them, he recognizes Matlock's markswoman Jessica Kohl who has come to tie up the loose and of the assassin. After that, the assassin is more willing to talk, and he names Carl Matlock as the man who hired him. Matlock then calls Kohl's phone, and shocked when Stonebridge answers. An enraged Matlock arrives at the police station with a number of mercenaries in tow, and they ram their way through the perimeter. Moses is killed during the breach, and Stonebridge awaits a similar fate at Matlock's hands. Instead, Knox instructs his man to keep the Section 20 agent alive as a valuable prisoner.

In the first quiet moment since they met, Scott tells a sceptical Lilian that he works for British Military Intelligence and that Conrad Knox has been putting together a nuclear arsenal. Dalton demands that Scott bring Lilian into the Crib for questioning, but he receives a call from Matlock on Hanson's phone: If Scott wants to see Stonebridge again, he'll trade the girl. Lillian's happy to go - she needs to talk to Knox to find out the truth.

Scott drives the ambulance to an abandoned warehouse for the prisoner exchange. Lilian and Stonebridge walk the distance between the two vehicles, and as Lilian passes she tells him to duck. Matlock prepares his men to take out Stonebridge, but Scott detonates the ambulance by remote-it's a decoy-and Baxter drives up with Scott in the passenger seat of another vehicle. Under Scott's cover fire, Stonebridge gets in and they drive off.

At the encampment, Knox puts on a show for Lillian - he's devastated by Walter's death and discredits Scott's story by showing her his old CIA file detailing his work with Christy Bryant. Lilian finds the diary her father kept until the day he died, in which he expresses his true feelings and disappointment about Knox. She receives a call from Walter's party asking her to assume the leadership in his stead. Knox is delighted by the news, as he expects Lilian to fulfil his plans for a coup. All she requests is a chance to say goodbye to her father first, in private. When she's left alone with Walter's body, she secretly meets with Scott.  Lilian offers to give up the location of Knox and his nuclear weapons on the condition that Scott kill Knox. It's not a difficult agreement for him to make.

At the press conference announcing Lilian's leadership of the Campaign for a Democratic Zimbabwe, the world's eyes are on her. Her speech begins predictably enough, but just as Knox and Bryant congratulate themselves on picking such an amenable puppet, Lilian goes off script. She announces to the world that it was Knox who had her father killed.

The entire Section 20 team races to the encampment and engage in a brutal assault on Matlock's men. In the midst of the carnage, Stonebridge spies a crate being loaded onto a truck. He and Scott commandeer a passing jeep and chase the truck as it leaves the site. Stonebridge leaps onto the moving vehicle and brings its driver to a stop. He and Scott reveal its cargo, a single nuclear weapon.

But Knox remains at large, at another encampment, with three other nuclear weapons in his arsenal.