Episode Seventeen

Strike Back

S2 E17 Episode Seventeen

Episode Seventeen

At a maximum-security penitentiary in Harare, Zimbabwe, Matlock and his men stage a breakout and release the charismatic political prisoner Walter Lutulu.  Knox welcomes Lutulu, an old friend, to his South African encampment. As they discuss tactics, Knox's aim becomes clear: he intends to orchestrate a takeover of the Zimbabwean regime and install Walter in its place.

Section 20 ties Matlock to Lutulu's escape and intercepts a call Walter makes to his daughter Lilian. A political activist fighting for democratic reform in Zimbabwe, Lilian could lead Section 20 to her father and Knox. Dalton sends Scott, Stonebridge and Sinclair to the township where she lives and works. Before they can make contact with Lilian, she is threatened by Zimbabwean intelligence officers and Twenty is forced to intercede, but they lose Lilian in the chaos. Jessica Kohl picks her up and brings her to Knox's encampment.

At the encampment, Knox argues for the assassination of some of Walter's adversaries, despite Walter's desire to orchestrate a bloodless coup. Matlock informs them that they have more than 800 special forces-trained men at their disposal. Lilian arrives and is overjoyed to be reunited with her father. When Kohl informs Knox that Section 20 intervened, he is outraged: Civil servant Joseph Dreyer was supposed to have removed them from South Africa by now.

Scott meets with CIA agent Christy Bryant - telling her he just wants to go home and sharing information about Section 20's target, Knox. Bryant tells him if he really wants to go home, he'll have to pay a price.

In the Crib, Section 20 is threatened as Dreyer and several heavily-armed men storm in and arrest Dalton, Richmond, Sinclair and Baxter. Sinclair secretly downloads the Crib's operating system onto a flash-drive during the standoff, before he and the group are dragged to a holding facility. There, an apartheid-era veteran of the South African Recces forces ignores their requests for legal counsel and places the team in separate jail cells.

Scott and Stonebridge arrive back to find the Crib stripped bare, with no official record of Section 20's arrest. They track down and kidnap Dreyer and force the corrupt minister to lead them to where their colleagues are being held.

At the holding facility, Sinclair's hands are cuffed, and he is dragged from his cell by the sinister jailer and told that staff from the embassy have arrived. In an empty yard outside, there's no one but guards present. Sinclair yells a warning to the others, but it's too late for him as he's shot dead.

Dalton, Richmond and Baxter hear the shot from their cells. Richmond's distraught, but Dalton finds a shard of glass on the floor of her cell and uses it cut through her plastic cuffs. Taken to the courtyard to meet the same fate as Sinclair, she grabs the jailer's gun and shoots him. She releases Baxter and Richmond just as Scott and Stonebridge arrive, and the team takes out the remaining guards. Richmond grabs a gun and shoots Dreyer dead in a fit of rage and vengeance over her fallen comrade. Tracking down Knox has just gotten personal for Section 20. They find Sinclair's flash drive taped to the bottom of his boot and get set to go back to work.

Walter discovers the nuclear weapons Knox has secured and is outraged by them. Knox convinces him to move ahead with his planned speech and campaign; he'll dispose of the weapons after. Earlier, Christy Bryant had met with Knox and informed him that Lilian is primed to take over the reins of the party, should something happen to Walter. And she might prove more agreeable to Knox's agenda.

At the rally for Walter, Scott and Stonebridge blend in among the reporters, but they turn up no sign of Matlock, Hanson, or Knox. After Lilian eloquently introduces her father, he is shot in the middle of delivering his speech. Lilian and Walter are rushed onto the bed of a pickup truck, and Scott jumps in offering medical assistance.

Meanwhile, Stonebridge spots the assassin and chases after him. Dalton instructs Stonebridge to take him alive, but this proves to be a challenge. The assassin's getaway car is nowhere to be found, and he is being beaten by an angry mob. Stonebridge clears out the mob and escorts his prisoner into a nearby police station. Just then, a shotgun is placed against his neck.