Episode Sixteen

Strike Back

S2 E16 Episode Sixteen

Episode Sixteen

As Craig Hanson speeds towards him, Stonebridge empties his magazine into the car. After it crashes, Stonebridge is caught in an exploding booby trap left by Hanson, who leaves when Dalton arrives on the scene.

Still aiming their weapons at each other, Scott tries to talk Rebecca out of killing Evans. She remains unconvinced, but lowers her weapon and leaves.

Dalton is furious that Matlock now has Evans. Stonebridge says Evans was lost in an ambush and Scott claims he was bugged at the airport. Both men are covering up their mistakes. 

In a research facility in Cape Town, Knox apologizes to Evans for kidnapping his family and killing his son-in-law. Knox reunites father and daughter and his seduction of Evans begins -- offering to restore his professional legacy and give Africa the power that comes with a nuclear weapon. It is clear Evans is tempted to resume his life's work.

While Matlock tries to persuade Knox that his security is at risk, Hanson makes his way through their protective detail and into Knox's study. Holding the two at gunpoint, Hanson asks to work for Knox, and against Matlock's wishes, Knox agrees to hire him.

Stonebridge approaches Knox's daughter Ava at a fundraiser for the Conrad Knox Foundation and tries to make amends for his error in judgement. He impresses her and her guests, but when he asks her about her father's involvement with Matlock, the Rwandan weapons and the kidnapping of Melissa Evans, she angrily kicks him out.

In the Crib, Dalton-having chewed out Scott for the lapse of judgement he showed with Rebecca -- sends Scott, Baxter and Richmond to track another shipment of arms the Foundation is decommissioning from Sierra Leone. At the weapons site, Section 20 gathers evidence that Knox is stockpiling, not destroying weapons, before the local police come rolling in. Dalton thinks the discovery will buy them goodwill with the South African authorities, but when civil servant Joseph Dreyer arrives at the Crib to demand Section 20 leave South Africa, Dalton realizes the full reach of Knox's corruption. 

Ava Knox is unconvinced by her father's version of events at the decommissioning site and digs into Stonebridge's accusations. When she sees Jessica Kohl at the house and recognizes her face from the CCTV footage of Melissa's kidnapping, Ava realizes that everything Stonebridge claimed was true. They meet, and while Ava wants to protect the reputation of Foundation and all the good it's accomplished, she unwittingly reveals the trigger's location: underground beneath the Foundation's research facility.

Section 20 moves to recover the triggers. During the assault, Stonebridge comes face to face with Hanson, now part of Matlock's mercenary crew, but Stonebridge remains on mission.  Matlock and Kohl pack the weapon components onto a waiting chopper and help Evans board.  As the helicopter begins to fly away, Evans jumps off and reunites with his family.

Ava Knox confronts her father with what she's learned and demands he stop his plans. He tells her she's not seeing the bigger picture, then -- after being informed the facility is under attack-accuses her of betraying him.

On the way, back to Melissa's house, Evans explains Knox has enough uranium to make four nuclear warheads, but he still needs someone to assemble the weapons. Evans is shot and killed by Rebecca upon exiting the car. Scott turns and shoots, but doesn't kill her. Instead, he tells Rebecca to leave her work behind.

Back in the Crib, Sinclair explains that they have no clue of Knox's whereabouts and are about to be deported by the South African authorities. Dalton's unperturbed: If Knox has gone dark, Section 20 will too.