Episode Fifteen

Strike Back

S2 E15 Episode Fifteen

Episode Fifteen

In a quiet residential suburb of Cape Town a young family is pulled from their beds by Carl Matlock and Jessica Kohl. When the husband attempts to defend himself, he's shot and killed as his terrified wife Melissa and son Harry are taken away.

Section 20 finds out that Melissa's father Peter Evans is en route to the Cape Town airport. They race to the airport to detain him, but before they can take Evans to a safe house, they're caught in a three-way fire fight at the airport with Matlock's men and another unknown group. Scott escapes when one of Matlock's mercenaries, Curtis, recognizes him from serving together and lets him go. As the Section 20 members speed through the Cape Town traffic with two hostile motorcyclists on their tail, they know the shoot-out will cost them all support from the South African authorities.

At a plush stud farm, millionaire businessman Conrad Knox proudly watches his daughter Ava recite her speech outlining the Conrad Knox Foundation's new weapons decommissioning program. Over his objections, Ava intends to remain in Cape Town to oversee the project's implementation.

The Crib learns that the unknown group at the airport was Mossad agents. They piece together that Evans was formerly a South African nuclear scientist, and that Matlock kidnapped his family to persuade him to return to his work. Mossad just wants him dead, but Section 20 sets out to recover his family instead.

With no new leads, Scott turns to Curtis, the former colleague who let him escape from the airport, to provide intel on Matlock's crew. Curtis agrees to help - for the right price.

In the Crib, Richmond finds evidence that Craig Hanson is in Cape Town, but under Scott's advisement, she keeps this information from Stonebridge. Meanwhile, Baxter has traced the provenance of a handgun used by one of the mercenaries at the airport. It's one of a large shipment of weapons from Rwanda, supposedly destroyed by the Conrad Knox Foundation. Section 20 quickly realizes that Knox is the one who's been backing Matlock.

Curtis informs Scott about the location of Evans's family--they're being held at a soccer stadium-but Matlock realizes his man's been turned. Matlock uses Curtis as bait to lure Section 20 in, but when Scott and Stonebridge recognize that a trap has been set, Curtis is shot dead by Kohl's sniper rifle.

As Scott drinks to his fallen comrade in a bar, he's approached by an attractive woman, Rebecca, and doesn't realize she is one of the two Mossad agents who tried to kill Evans at the airport. After some rough, angry sex, Scott leaves her to relieve Stonebridge from his duty of protecting Evans, but the safe house is attacked by Mossad. As the boys head to a safe exfil point with Evans in tow, Scott sees Rebecca and realizes she must have bugged him during their encounter. He tells Stonebridge they need to split up.

Dalton waits for her men at the exfil point, but Stonebridge sees Hanson and all thoughts of Evans evaporate. As Stonebridge chases his wife's killer, Evans is captured by Matlock. Rebecca tracks down Scott, and they train their guns on each other.

Stonebridge races after Hanson's car, locking eyes with his nemesis who turns around and accelerates directly towards him...