Episode Twelve

Strike Back

S2 E12 Episode Twelve

Episode Twelve

Still surrounded by enemies and in the lair of a Somali warlord, Scott, Stonebridge and Rachel shoot their way out, leading Burton and two young boys forced into service by Waabri. Under heavy fire, they make their way toward an exit, and Rachel reveals her true identity: Captain Rachel Dalton, a British Military Intelligence agent. Dalton knows the Section 20 rescue of Scott would never have been officially sanctioned and uses this as leverage to take over the team and redirect the mission to search for Waabri and the case.

Elsewhere, determined mercenaries Carl Matlock and Jessica Kohl implore Waabri to make a deal with them: Hand over the case and Waabri will become a very rich man. Waabri orders a bounty on all the former hostages. Scott tells Baxter to call on an old CIA contact, Christy Bryant, to provide them with a safe house until Section 20 can arrange transportation for them.

Waabri agrees to a trade with Matlock. He inspects the contents of the case and finds four metallic orbs. Dalton reveals to the group on the ground that Waabri has in his possession four nuclear triggers. Richmond will take Burton and the former child soldiers to the safe house, while Dalton, Scott and Stonebridge go after the triggers.

Back in the UK, Kerry receives a chilling visit from Craig Hanson, the brother of the Special Forces recruit Stonebridge had to shoot dead, but Craig leaves when he discovers Stonebridge is elsewhere.

Waabri hands Matlock the case at the arranged exchange point, but neither party is prepared for Scott, Stonebridge, and Dalton's orchestrated sabotage at the handover. Utter chaos unfolds and in the shoot-out that follows, Scott and Stonebridge snatch the case and then regroup with Richmond, Burton and the boys. Outnumbered and outgunned, the group prepares for exfiltration, but the chopper sent to rescue them aborts at the last minute.

The group steals a cargo truck in a futile escape attempt, but they face overwhelming fire from Waabri's militia until a chopper Matlock and Kohl arrives and scares off the locals. Scott realizes that Waabri has swapped out the triggers for dummies and agrees to deliver them to Matlock in exchange for Waabri. When Matlock realizes he's been duped, he shoots Waabri dead, destroying any leverage Section 20 might have had to negotiate with Waabri's men. With a mob descending upon them, Burton is shot in the chest. Suddenly, a convoy of African Union vehicles burst through to bring them to safety.

Waabri never intended to bring Matlock the triggers - he intended to take Matlock's money and find a different home from them.  When Waabri's girlfriend attempts to smuggle them out of Mogadishu, she is stopped and killed by the al-Shabaab cleric, Axmali. In a plush Cape Town residence, Matlock meets billionaire businessman and philanthropist Conrad Knox. He tells Matlock he wants the triggers.

Back at base, Dalton is chastised for the failure of her mission. Despite her antagonism with Scott and Stonebridge, she robustly defends Section 20. So much so that when a new head of Section 20 is required, Dalton is offered the role, much to Scott's chagrin.

A brush with death has persuaded Stonebridge that his new life is worth appreciating, and he rushes back to Kerry. Just as their reconciliation seems complete, a shot rings out. As Craig Hanson looks over his rifle at the revenge shot he just fired from thousands of feet away, Kerry lies dying in Stonebridge's arms.....