Episode Nine

Strike Back

S1 E9 Episode Nine

Episode Nine

Political unrest in Pakistan spurs Grant to cut short Scott and Stonebridge's much-needed break from their perilous day jobs in Vienna. Section 20 has a lead on its arch enemy, Latif. Scott and Stonebridge are sent to hunt him down fast. Rumoured to be in a facility in Grozny, Chechnya with a surgeon in tow, Scott and Stonebridge are sent with Georgian Commandoes to explore the building. Latif was seen entering and hasn't since left - this is their time to strike.

The building appears to be deserted. Frustrated, Scott blows up at Section 20 over their communications link - how did they miss Latif leaving? But Scott has something greater to worry about. One of the Georgians has set off a booby trap and the place is rigged to blow up. With no time to exit the building, Stonebridge locates a secret exit via a bunker which he and Scott quickly dive into as the facility explodes. Trapped underground, with their communications link to Section 20 dead, Scott and Stonebridge discover a labyrinth of tunnels, leading to a chemical weapons testing area, with containers missing.

Scott and Stonebridge find the exit route out of the tunnels. Now back in touch with Section 20, Scott and Stonebridge have to move fast when they notice a vehicle leaving the site. Sinclair tracks the vehicle while Scott and Stonebridge quickly hotwire a car to follow. Arriving outside an apartment in the center of a Chechen provincial town, Section 20 debates whether or not to raid the apartment for Latif. With Sinclair anxious about the potential repercussions from an attack on Russian soil, tempers fly. The decision is taken out of their hands when Scott and Stonebridge's cover is blown: one of Latif's men, Usmanov, looks out of the window to see Scott and Stonebridge being hassled by a passing prostitute. It's not long before a group of Chechen rebels (commissioned by Usmanov) start firing at Scott and Stonebridge. With only Scott and Stonebridge against an army of rebels, they fight for their survival. Down to their last rounds of ammunition, they are forced to flee and make a final dash to safety as a Georgian helicopter comes to their rescue. Usmanov watches them leave, enraged.

Back in Vienna, Scott's relief evaporates in an instant when the woman he's sleeping with informs him of Grant's secret assessments of him. Angrily confronting Grant in front of the team, Scott suggests there is a further breach within their team. Still furious by Grant's betrayal, Scott is on the verge of walking out of Section 20 for good but Stonebridge convinces him to reconsider: Intel suggests that Latif has recruited two Chechen bombers and relocated them to Budapest. Stonebridge finally admits he too thinks something is rotten in Section 20, but he needs his comrade with him on their next mission - a raid on an abandoned clinic just north of Budapest.

Scott and Stonebridge arrive at the clinic and take out a few men. The bombers appear to have already left, but Stonebridge and Scott return to the Section 20 remote command with their greatest prize yet - Latif in handcuffs.