Episode Eight

Strike Back

S1 E8 Episode Eight

Episode Eight

With one hostage already presumed murdered, the hostages discover their doomed fate: the women are to be trafficked as sex slaves while the men are to have their organs harvested. An anonymous solider provides Scott and Stonebridge the assistance to retrieve weapons and shoot their way out of the vehicles transporting the men. Scott leads the male hostages away while Stonebridge fights off Hasani's men. When Stonebridge doesn't arrive at the meeting point, Scott fears the worst.

Meanwhile, back with the female hostages, Hasani awaits an important visitor: Latif. The rogue agent Allen sells Latif information, which he happily accepts before shooting Allen. Scott arrives arrives at the camp to rescue the girls, taking out Hasani and his men, including the corrupt American soldier Donoghue.

Elsewhere, Stonebridge, who's been wounded badly but not killed in the firefight wakes up in Hasani's hospital/organ farm. He fights his way out and reunites with Scott as they make their final escape from Kosovo.