Episode Seven

Strike Back

S1 E7 Episode Seven

Episode Seven

In Vienna, Austria, Section 20 continues on the trail of the terrorist Latif. They learn that their next lead, a rogue MI6 agent named John Allen - rumoured to be leaking information to Latif - has been kidnapped in Kosovo by the notorious terrorist, Hasani.

Along with five other EU officials, Allen is being held captive until Hasani's cousin, Rama, imprisoned in Vienna, is returned. Col. Grant sanctions the operation, desperate to recover Allen, but Stonebridge and Scott find themselves questioning their mission: the timing of Allen's kidnapping is oddly coincidental. Is this a trap? Are they heading into a suicide mission?

With the help of a Donoghue, a KFOR US soldier stationed in Kosovo, Scott and Stronebridge head to the exchange. But at the pivotal moment, Rama is shot dead by an unknown force and a firefight ensues. Scott and Stonebridge have to battle off Hasani's men, eventually succeeding in packing the hostages safely inside an exit vehicle. However, jubilation doesn't last long: when they arrive back to the KFOR base, they find the place deserted and Donoghue missing. With Hasani and his men on the warpath and their gas tank low, Scott and Stonebridge must find another way to get to the nearest exit point - fast.

With the hostages in tow, Scott and Stonebridge make their way to a nearby heroin factory. In the midst of an attack on the factory, Scott is relieved to see Donoghue and his men coming to their rescue. However, it soon becomes clear that Donoghue is delivering them and the hostages straight into the hands of Hasani.