Episode Three

Strike Back

S1 E3 Episode Three

Episode Three

When a Section 20 raid in Cape Town, South Africa targeting known associates of Latif falls short, Col. Grant is left with only one clue: Daniel Connolly. He's a hardcore veteran of the IRA, who has recently staged a spectacular heist on an armored truck transporting Krugerrands, South African gold coins. Grant remembers Connolly from her years in Belfast as a pitiless, ingenious terrorist who slipped through her grasp.

Kate investigates the Kruggerand raid and, aware that Connolly has never been motivated merely by money, questions Kenneth Bratton from ATAT Systems, the defense company who owns the seized trucks. When Bratton refuses to answer Kate's questions, her suspicion is raised. Unbeknownst to Section 20, Bratton is the key to breaking into one of ATAT's undisclosed vaults and is being blackmailed by Connolly, who is threatening to kill his family.

Section 20's original plan rapidly shifts gears when Stonebridge and Scott have to kill Connolly's new expert hacker, Buckley. Despite his lack of computer knowledge, Scott decides to pose as Buckley, also an American, to infiltrate Connolly's crew, but he quickly finds himself disconnected from the Section 20 team. When Scott is left alone with a time bomb strapped to his chest Stonebridge has to race to find and save his comrade.