Episode Two

Strike Back

S1 E2 Episode Two

Episode Two

Scott and Stonebridge discover that the terrorists who have seized the hotel are searching for Mahmood, and it becomes clear to Grant that carnage is not Latif's only aim. His real goal is to identify and capture a Pakistani chemical scientist who worked with the weapons inspection team in Iraq in 2003. While trying to gain the upper hand against the terrorists, Scott and Stonebridge are able to locate Mahmood. Mahmood reveals a stunning secret to Scott: there were WMDs in Iraq, and they still exist.

Grant fends off the Indian military's plans to go in with extreme force so that Scott and Stonebridge can free as many hostages as possible and get Mahmood out safely. However, Latif manages to evade Section 20's grasp and even obtain the prize he treasures most.

In the aftermath, Scott and Stonebridge wonder why Porter left a secret message that only Scott could decode. Does it mean they shouldn't trust Section 20? Stonebridge must also navigate his precarious love life and decide what to do about his wife and the other woman he's been seeing.  But the most pressing question for Section 20 now is: can they stop Latif from procuring a WMD and launching a devastating attack on the West?