Episode Ten

Strike Back

S1 E10 Episode Ten

Episode Ten

Latif is finally in Section 20's clutches. Grant pulls a gun on him but Sinclair reminds her to contain her fury - their priority is to discover the bombers' target and for that they need Latif to talk.

With a lead that one terrorist is boarding a tram in Budapest, Scott and Stonebridge are sent to intervene.  They find the terrorist, and realize that the bomb isn't in his suitcase-it's stitched inside him. They clear out the tram, which contains the subsequent explosion, as toxic gas escapes into the air.

Back at the command, Latif's henchmen - Usmanov and his team-have surged into Section 20's secret location and opened fire on the team. Richmond and Sinclair have to use their combat skills to stay alive, but before Scott and Stonebridge come to the rescue, Richmond takes a bullet to her shoulder. Nursing her wound as she surveys the devastation, Richmond notices that Latif and Grant are gone

Tension is in the air at Section 20, with Scott accusing Sinclair of being untrustworthy. Sinclair bites back - they have a mission to complete as another terrorist is making his was to a castle where a World Security Summit is being held. Sinclair orders Stonebridge to get over there while Scott is deployed to find Grant, whose location is revealed by a tracker that had been secretly placed on Latif.

Stonebridge arrives at the castle to find the gathering crowds of public and protestors pushed back into a crush by the police. Absorbed into them is the terrorist. As the terrorist spots Stonebridge, he grabs a pregnant lady and puts his hand around her neck. Stonebridge tries to appeal to the terrorist's humanity. He releases the pregnant woman and drops his mobile phone as a Hungarian police marksman kills him with a shot to the head. It is too late however as Latif remotely activates the detonator on the mobile phone and a 30 second countdown appears. With Sinclair's assistance, Stonebridge disarms the bomb at the last possible moment.

Meanwhile Scott makes his way towards the location of Latif and Grant, who has been kidnapped alongside the Pakistani Presidential candidate Ramiz. After revealing his role in the betrayal of John Porter and Operation Trojan Horse-planting Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq-Latif kills Ramiz. He forces Grant to record a video message admitting to her involvement in Trojan Horse.

Scott makes his way through the compound taking out Usmanov and his men. Latif slips out with Grant and places a gun to her chest, where he realizes she has hidden a bomb. Grant squeezes the trigger of Latif's gun, detonating the bomb and killing both the wanted terrorist and the Section 20 chief.

In a video message she had Latif record, Grant commends her staff and leaves instruction for Scott to found out that she was responsible for his framing and subsequent discharge, when he was getting too close to finding out about Trojan Horse. He burns the file and turns to Stonebridge, whom he teases about impending birth of his son.