Episode One

Strike Back

S1 E1 Episode One

Episode One

In Lahore, Pakistan, on the trail of rogue Pakistani intelligence officer-turned-terrorist Latif, Section 20 operative John Porter has been snatched, and is forced to make a ransom video demand for his own release. Sgt. Michael Stonebridge and intel analyst Cpt. Kate Marshall head up the rescue team, but Latif is one step ahead of them - Porter has been moved.

Unable to locate her man, Section 20 head Col. Eleanor Grant tasks Stonebridge to recruit the one person who can identify Porter's kidnapper, American mercenary Damien Scott, a former Delta Force Commando who was discharged on the eve of the Iraq war -- and who is currently wasting his combative talents as a cage fighter in Malaysia. Stonebridge aids Scott's escape from local gangsters and the two soldiers form an instant, if testy bond. But as soon as Scott arrives in Section 20, video is uploaded to them of the execution of John Porter at Latif's hand.

As Scott reviews the footage, he realizes that Porter may have been communicating coded intelligence regarding Latif and something called Project Dawn. Scott, Stonebridge and the rest of Section 20 head to the Delhi hotel Porter identified within his coded message, but quickly find themselves trapped on the inside of a terrorist siege.