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Strike Back

Meet the New Cast of Strike Back

After a screening of the season premiere, the cast sat down to discuss the show’s exotic locales, preparing for their roles, and how they developed the group chemistry Strike Back fans know and love.

Strike Back returns, but not without shaking up the globe-trotting, terrorist hunting formula with a brand new cast. Lance Corporal Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata),Sergeant Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson), Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) and Sergeant Thomas “Mac” McAllister (Warren Brown) join Section 20 as the latest team of covert spec-ops agents.

Here, the cast share their thoughts on the all-new season:

The upcoming season was shot in Budapest and Jordan, the latter of which became a fast favorite among the cast.

Alin Sumarwata: Being in Jordan felt epic. Biblical.

Roxanne McKee: Alin and I watched it together. When we saw our Jordan scenes I told her "Wow, it looks like green screen!" But it was real, we were actually there.

Daniel MacPherson: Day one, Warren and I climbed some cliffs. Then, we were up in the mountains and were able to see 360 degrees around the Holy Land. It adds a scale and scope to the series.

Warren Brown: We got an opportunity to fly over the Dead Sea in a Black Hawk helicopter. The four of us were hanging on the side of it, doing our best to look mean and cool. Then, the other Black Hawk with the directors and camera guys flew off and we lost our shit collectively.

Joining Section 20 meant undergoing intense training so they could look the part and perform their own stunts.

Brown: We spent a month in the gym before the cameras started rolling. We would be in the gym at 8:30 in the morning before heading to Brazilian jiu jitsu. Then we went climbing. There's no greater motivator to work out than reading a script and finding out you're going to be naked.

MacPherson: The King of Jordan is a huge fan of Strike Back and wanted us to film there. He's got a massive training facility for special forces that has a full-size jet, rifle ranges, full streets and villages — everything an elite soldier would need. We got to train there as a group of actors while Russian special forces — the real thing — were on the next range.

McKee: It's like Disneyland for soldiers.

The cast agreed that the shared experience of performing their own stunts created an uncanny bond between them while they were filming.

Sumarwata: The sense of danger brings us together. It makes us go, "Oh, shit! We need each other."

MacPherson: There are a bunch of military shows across other networks, and I've seen them all. None of the casts from other shows do what we get to do and get to be as hands-on as we are. We get to walk on the edge of danger. It's what makes it high octane, but it also bonds us together.

McKee: The fear factor is real. If you conquer fear with people, it creates a natural bond.

The new Section 20 gave a few closing thoughts on why they’re excited for the new season.

McKee: The diversity of locales — from the hot Jordanian sun to the ethereal blue of Budapest — brings a tremendous variance to the mood of the visuals. And the villains are particularly exceptional. They're just so well written this year.

MacPherson: They're not just bad guys for the sake of being bad guys, they have real motives. Also, the villains you may think are the lead villains constantly surprise, opening the plot up for new villains to rise.