The Strike Back Cast Talks Bromance, Bullets and Sex

Strike Back

The Strike Back Cast Talks Bromance, Bullets and Sex

Comic-Con 2013

At the 'Strike Back' Season 3 Comic-Con panel, writer, director and co-executive producer Michael J. Bassett sat alongside cast members Philip Winchester (Michael Stonebridge), Sullivan Stapleton (Damien Scott), Dougray Scott (James Leatherby) and Milauna Jackson (Kim Martinez) for a discussion of what's to come. (Hint: There will be action. And sex.) Some things that came up:

Families watch the show together.
At the autograph signing the day before, a mother and her 13-year-old daughter approached Winchester and told him how much they both love the show. "I was playing with Ninja Turtles at 13," said Winchester in amazement.

Dougray Scott thinks his rogue soldier character, Leatherby, is just "misunderstood."
"His objective is to get revenge for the irreparable damage that was done to his soul as a soldier. He feels he was let down and lied to," said Scott, before adding, "But he's also charming and he has a jolly nice mustache -- which I grew myself."

The cast can't keep secrets.
Several times during the panel, the actors would pause and look at Bassett to see if they had said too much. "Did I let the cat out of the bag?" asked Scott, at one point. "You just killed the cat," chastised Bassett.

The show's call sheet will include first aid instructions.
Said Winchester, "On Day 1, there are six pages of information on what to do if your were bit by a certain type of bug, or a certain type of snake."

The bromance extends off-screen too.
When the relationship between Stonebridge and Scott was brought up, the panel whipped out their capes for '300: Rise of an Empire.' The movie stars Scott and is being heavily promoted at Comic-Con. Then they tied one on him too.

One of the preview clips answered the question, "What does fertilizer do when you hit it with a train?"
This being 'Strike Back,' it will explode. Impressively.

Someone counts the bullets.
The show's tactical moments are as precise as possible. "We do it exactly," said Bassett. "We do mag changes, we do count bullets, we do make sure it's right." If the numbers don't add up, it's because something was cut in editing. Otherwise, "It's very important to represent it right," said Bassett.

Sullivan is OK with nudity.
The actor said his first-ever nude scene was sex scene followed by a fight that required him to take on two stuntmen in the buff. "I got over it pretty quick," he said about acting in his natural state. "But I prefer to fight with women nude."

People need to die.
When fans asked about the show's mortality rate, Bassett explained that it was a "reflection of the real world. Nobody's safe."