Episode Four

Strike Back: Origins

S1 E4 Episode Four

Episode Four

John Porter and Felix Masuku set out on foot to meet Layla Thompson at the rendezvous point on the Zimbabwe-South Africa border. The fugitives happen upon an orphanage where they rescue a young girl from an attack. In return, a nun from the building, Sister Bernadette, offers them refuge. Learning that two children are being held hostage by people-trafficking bandits, Porter sets out on a rescue mission and returns with the boys.

After researching Masuku's claim that the British government recruited him, Section 20 determines there's double agent at play -- Harry Curtis, the embassy contact Layla worked with in South Africa. Collinson flies to South Africa and confronts him; Curtis knows he's caught and kills himself.

As Porter recovers from his injuries, the orphanage is attacked by Elite Guards. The men fend off the intruders and send Sister Bernadette and the children to meet Layla. Alone, Porter and Masuku begin an epic battle against Tshuma and his men. Reinforcements arrive as Collinson leads South African Special Forces to the orphanage where they overpower the Zimbabwe Elite Guard.

Furious with Collinson for leaving him stranded after the prison break, Porter punches him. Collinson brings more bad news; the mother of Porter's daughter has tragically died.

Back in the UK, Layla is increasingly suspicious of Collinson. She confronts Porter about the ill-fated hostage extraction in 2003.