Episode Three

Strike Back: Origins

S1 E3 Episode Three

Episode Three

After his unsuccessful assassination attempt on President Robert Mugabe, gunman Felix Masuku is captured by Zimbabwe's Secret Intelligence Service, led by Colonel Tshuma. In London, TV news reports that Zimbabwean officials are claiming the British government planned the assassination attempt.

At Section 20, Hugh Collinson learns that Masuku is a former British soldier, and assigns John Porter with an undercover mission to break Masuku out of a high-security Harare jail from the inside out. Entering Zimbabwe under the guise of a diamond smuggler, Porter is arrested and imprisoned.

In Johannesburg, Section 20 operative Layla Thompson meets with embassy contact Harry Curtis, who provides her with a South African ID. Layla serves as Porter's contact on the ground under the pretense of working for the South African authorities to extradite the alleged diamond dealer. When the timeline is accelerated, Layla's multiple visits to the prison raise Colonel Tshuma's suspicions.

Porter breaks Masuku out of the prison through a series of underground tunnels. The pair manages to evade prison security and Colonel Tshuma's Elite Guard. Porter navigates their stolen car off-road into the brush and holds Masuku at gunpoint. Resolved to complete his orders from Collinson to make Masuku disappear completely, Porter leads him to a shallow grave. But when Masuku reveals that he's ex-SAS and an MI6 informant, Porter thinks they may have both been set up. Not knowing who to trust, Porter lowers his gun.