S1 EP 1




Written by Harry and Jack Williams; Directed by Sam Miller

A serial killer is on the loose, and Detective Gabriel Markham and his team are on the case. The brutal murders are characterized by acid burns on the victims’ faces—a mark that Gabriel himself bears.

Fingerprints found at the latest crime scene match those of Steven Mills, a man with a history of violent behavior. Mills did, in fact, slit the victim’s throat, but there’s more to the story: The murder was filmed, and it appears Mills was following the orders of someone off-camera.

The police force decides to take Mills into custody. During the arrest, Mills reaches into his pocket and the surrounding officers shoot him dead. After, they discover he was grabbing his phone to call his wife. Gabriel still has more suspects on his list, though, including a hospitalized woman with a criminal past and a psychiatrist obsessed with cleanliness.

Gabriel’s not exactly trustworthy, either. He’s having an affair with his colleague Elaine Shepard and ignores his wife Lisa’s request to cut the relationship short. But he hints he’s not the only one who’s broken their marriage vows.

Between his messy personal life and the trauma of his firsthand experience with the at-large killer, Gabriel is starting to show signs of internal struggle—but he’s not letting that affect his dedication to the case. He breaks into a cemetary late at night and digs through the dirt at a woman’s grave. The woman is Edith Grey, Mills’ mother-in-law, and Gabriel finds something in the dirt: a pill bottle with a memory card.