S1 EP 4




The morning Gabriel was attacked begins with him lovingly kissing Lisa goodbye before he leaves for work. Without his burn marks, Gabriel is confident and full of bravado: After a new victim of the acid killer is found right near the police station, Gabriel addresses the murderer directly in a press conference, calling them weak and pathetic.

Later, Elaine suggests Gabriel come to her place. He rejects her and goes home to his family, but once he’s home, decides he does want to resume his affair after all. He calls her to meet him at a safehouse. When he arrives, he discovers his boss, Benton, in bed with a sex worker named Kerry. Gabriel kicks her out and offers to find her a place to stay. She says no, so he walks away from the building and calls Elaine to tell her to meet him at a new location. Right then, the attacker throws acid all over Gabriel.

Soon after, Elaine finds Gabriel writhing in pain on the ground. She calls an ambulance and he’s taken to the hospital. While seemingly unconscious, Lisa talks to him. During this one-sided conversation, she confesses Gabriel isn’t the biological father of their daughter, Hannah. Lisa doesn’t realize Gabriel was awake during this until later when he confronts her.

Meanwhile, Elaine is looking into Gabriel’s attack. Gabriel told her Kerry was there too, so Elaine goes looking for her. She’s found dead.