S1 EP 3




Written by Harry and Jack Williams; Directed by Sam Miller

Soon before Gabriel’s confrontation with Christine, another person had been found dead. This one is named Rebecca Barker and the acid burns on her body lead investigators to initially believe she’s another victim of the serial killer at large. Gabriel, though, notices that there’s something different about her case.

He’s right: She wasn’t a victim of the acid murderer. Rebecca came home to find her husband, Patrick, in bed with her 20-year-old daughter, Sally. When Rebecca threatened to call the police, Sally clubbed her mother in the back of the head with a trophy, killing her. Instead of attempting to hide the dead body, Patrick decided to burn his wife’s face and place her in a playground so it would look like she was the acid killer’s latest target.

Gabriel hasn’t figured this out yet because he’s been busy tracking down his daughter Hannah, who skipped school after learning about her dad’s affair with a female cop. He and Elaine eventually find her incapacitated at a rave. Together, they bring her home to Gabriel’s upset wife.