S1 EP 2




Written by Harry and Jack Williams; Directed by Sam Miller

Sixteen days earlier, Gabriel struggles to emotionally recover from being attacked—and he’s also struggling to get information out of the prime suspect in the serial murders, a woman named Christine who is also severely burned.

Christine stole psychiatrist Isaac Taylor’s laptop, which Gabriel and his team find at her place. Soon after the computer is confiscated, the police station erupts in a fire.No one is hurt, but the laptop is destroyed, leading Gabriel to believe it was Christine who started the fire.

With this theory in mind, Gabriel confronts Christine at her home and forces her into his car. In an attempt to make her disclose what was on that laptop, he drives recklessly and promises he’ll continue to do so until she comes clean. Eventually, she says the laptop contained recordings of her sessions with the psychiatrist. On those recordings, she revealed her mom’s involvement in her father’s disappearance. Even though Gabriel says he doesn’t buy her story, he lets her leave the car.

As for Gabriel’s personal life, Lisa receives photos of her husband and Elaine getting together in the park. Unbeknownst to Gabriel, Elaine is the one who sent her these photos. After Gabriel attempts to break the affair off again for the sake of his family, he ultimately returns to Elaine’s apartment and they reunite.