Carnival of Souls


S1 E7 Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls

“Carnival of Souls”
Written by Graham Gordy & Michael D. Fuller
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

Mac is deeply hurt when he finds out Joni asked his dad, Lloyd, to put their house on the market. Joni explains she cannot stand by idly while Mac puts himself at risk to pay off his debt to The Broker. Mollified, Mac tells her to do whatever she needs to help ease her worry.

Karl goes after Credence Mason’s heroin stash, intercepting two members of his crew when they go to collect a new delivery. He shoots them dead and steals the heroin to bring back to The Broker.

Marcus finds the money his dad received from The Broker stashed under the bathroom sink. Marcus keeps the discovery to himself, treating his mom to a bouquet of flowers, but claims he saved up his allowance to afford the purchase.

Buddy goes to The Broker and offers his services in a new capacity: He’ll be the sole supplier of guns for the hitman operation. The Broker says they can discuss the idea at a later date, but for the time being, he needs his best men around him. The Broker explains he needs Buddy and Mac to partner up on a kill— Credence Mason. They are to locate the remainder of his heroin stash before killing him. 

Buddy and Mac’s cover is blown when they go to scope out Credence and his cronies at the arcade that serves as their headquarters. Driving off quickly, the two come up with a contingency plan at a pool hall. They'll cut the scouting phase short and finish the job that night.

When Lloyd hosts an open house at Mac and Joni’s, The Broker takes the opportunity to speak with Joni. He pretends to be a curious neighbor and subtly plants a seed of doubt in Joni’s mind about selling when he muses, “Not all houses feel like home.”

Still convinced Mac had something to do with Cliff’s death, Tommy shows Det. Verne the notebook of lyrics Cliff wrote about Joni. Verne ridicules Tommy’s theory and tells him the case is closed.

Buddy and Mac surprise one of Credence’s men at home. Under threat of torture, the guy reveals the heroin is stashed in the pinball machines at the arcade. Buddy and Mac head off to kill Credence and collect what’s left. Tommy tails them, unseen.

Creeping through the carnival rides that lead to the arcade, Mac and Buddy spot a group of men coming to drop off a new delivery of heroin. The two split up. Alone, Mac is caught off guard when he hears his name called from behind. He turns to find Tommy aiming a gun at him.