His Deeds Were Scattered


S1 E6 His Deeds Were Scattered

His Deeds Were Scattered

Episode 6: His Deeds Were Scattered
Written by Max Allan Collins
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

Mac wakes up in the middle of the night and grabs a shotgun. Joni tries to keep him from going outside, but realizes he is not in his right mind.

Scouting, Karl listens to conversations about Eugene Linwood, and Oldcastle puts together a dopp kit.

Joni tries to discuss the previous night with Mac but he maintains it was just a nightmare. Mac drives Marcus to school and talks to him about Arthur, then heads to a record store, where he is surprised to get a call from The Broker.

High, Buddy dances in a club, but is rejected by his ex. His mama drops off some gun magazines in his room, which sparks an idea. Later, while his mama plays bingo, Buddy puts together a “work proposal” for The Broker.

The detectives get a call about a body with one leg and confirm it is Suggs, but Tommy still feels uneasy about closing the case.

Mac meets up with The Broker, who passes along the dopp kit and tells him Linwood is being released that night. For going it alone, Mac negotiates twice his usual fee against his debt.

Moses is frustrated when he gets kicked off a recording studio gig. At the diner, Ruth introduces him (as "Felix") to the Conways. In the parking lot, Moses pulls a wire from Ruth’s car so she will need a ride home.

Joni is nervous about Mac’s assignment, but he argues he’d be doing the world a service by killing Linwood. He promises to also spend time looking at the classifieds for another job.

Tommy and Cliff’s sister, Sandy, flirt at a bar and wind up having sex at Cliff’s house. Tommy begins to play Cliff’s guitar, and Sandy mentions Cliff wrote a lot of songs about Joni. She gives him Cliff’s journal.

While Moses drops off Ruth, a police officer tells them there is a mandatory citywide curfew. They head inside, and watch news coverage of Linwood’s release.

Joni shows her father-in-law around the house for his appraisal. He asks if they are thinking about having kids, but she says, “It’s just time for a change, that’s all.” She checks they can start showing the house without telling Mac.

Ignoring the curfew, Marcus goes outside to play basketball and gets yelled at by a police officer. Moses stands up for the boy, who doesn't understand why they can’t go outside when they did nothing wrong.

Mac tails Linwood to a school bus parking lot. Linwood boards one and begins to set up an explosive device. Mac follows him on, beats him unconscious and places the explosive under the bus. He shoots at it until the bus goes up in flames. Mac tells The Broker the job is done.