Seldom Realized


S1 E4 Seldom Realized

Seldom Realized

“Seldom Realized”
Written by Michael D. Fuller & Graham Gordy
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

Suggs sits on the floor of a public restroom, painfully removing leeches from his body. From a payphone in Arkansas, Mac tells Karl to find Suggs so he can return home with Joni. He walks back to a motel and takes a dip in the dirty pool, ignoring the "closed" sign. Mac watches each motel guest for suspicious behavior.

Inside their room, Joni is startled by a noise and grabs Mac’s nearby gun. Her questions about the one-legged man and why they can’t call the police aggravate Mac, who focuses his attention on the 1972 Olympics instead.

Suggs breaks into Mac and Joni’s house and investigates. Suggs readies his gun when Tommy knocks on the door, but the detective is called away before the men come face-to-face.

Mac and Joni reminisce about a state fair; the conversation turns to having children, but Mac ends up insulting his wife. She takes off in their car.

Suggs shows up at Joni's office, pretending to be a detective with questions but is told she called in sick. Suggs takes down the number of the receptionist’s line and pays off a phone employee for a record of incoming calls. When the guy demands more money, Suggs shoots him.

“I wanted you to be proud of me.” – Mac Conway

As the Olympic swimmers jump into the pool Mac imagines himself floating in water, reaching out for a red mask. Joni returns, reminding Mac he only had 30 minutes of worry compared to her entire year while he was at war. She presses him about why he reenlisted and he tells her his men needed him.

Joni is spooked when a male guest by the ice machine asks her where she and her husband are headed. She walks past a woman standing in a doorway, and buys some pot. Back in their room, Mac changes the bandage on one of her wounds. Joni kisses him, but he goes outside and chats with Harlow, the motel manager.

Mac inspects the car of the man who approached Joni while she was getting ice. Spotting a dopp kit in the man's room, he questions Harlow about the guest, then borrows Harlow's tools to fix the pool pump.

Joni tries again to get some answers from Mac, but Mac turns it back on her, asking about Cliff. Concerned about the yelling, a woman knocks on the door to ask if everything is OK. Headed outside Mac notices the man with the dopp kit and tackles him, only to learn he sells encyclopedias. Suggs, having found the motel from the phone list, pulls into the parking lot.

“I needed something, I need to feel something other than what I felt.” – Joni Conway

Unable to sleep, the couple has an honest discussion about Joni’s affair, when they hear a knock at the door: Harlow asking for his tools back. As Mac opens the door, Harlow apologizes and is shot by Suggs, who attacks Mac. The woman who checked on them earlier arrives and shoots Suggs. Mac asks who she is. She responds, “Who do you think?”

At home, Joni gets into the tub. Mac tells her about The Broker, and asks if she wants him to leave. He gets up to go, but she grabs his hand.