Figure Four


S1 E2 Figure Four

Figure Four

“Figure Four”
Written by Michael D. Fuller & Graham Gordy
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

Mac sits by the pool, listening to tape recordings Joni sent him while he was in Vietnam. Joni tries to call Cliff the same moment a local paperboy notices Cliff’s dead body; her call goes unanswered. Joni attempts to connect with Mac, but he leaves the house without saying a word. Unsure of what to do next, Mac looks for answers from Buddy.

Tommy, a detective on Arthur’s murder case, combs the papers for stories about the Quan Thang soldiers’ return home, hoping to find a possible connection to the double murder. Ratliff tells him they’ve received a call about a body.

Joni and her co-worker Andrea approach Cliff's house to pick him up for work, but spot the police investigating the scene. Upset, Joni ignores Andrea’s suggestion they speak to them. Tommy watches them leave. Later, he discloses to Ratliff he knew Cliff in high school.

The school district informs Ruth that the schools will be integrating. Mac arrives, and discreetly asks if Arthur had mentioned anything about money – but Ruth doesn’t know anything about it. Mac tries to offer her some cash, but she declines. He drives away, unaware the one-legged man, Suggs, is tailing him.

Mac shows up at his father’s house, but receives a cool welcome from his stepmother, Susan. Frustrated and intoxicated, he heads home. Joni arrives to find the house pulled apart and the bedroom mattress in bloody shambles. Spooked, she locks herself in the bedroom, ignoring his angry pounds on the door. Finding a knife on the floor, she hides it in her purse. Mac takes off in his car, still followed by Suggs.

At a strip club, Mac asks around about a one-legged man and flirts with the bartender, Gwen. Waking up by the pool the next morning, he discovers a ticket to a wrestling match with the message, “Q – join me” written on it.

Buddy meets with gunrunner Joe Don and haggles over pricing. Joe Don presents him with a pink-handled gun, inferring Buddy might like it because he’s gay. They agree to conduct the swap at the usual location.

Joni is shaken when Tommy and Ratliff show up at her office to question her about Cliff. She maintains they were just carpool friends. Afterwards, she pries open a drawer in Cliff’s desk; she removes a cassette tape and hides it in her bag.

At the wrestling match, The Broker informs Mac that the police are ruling Cliff’s death as accidental. He is surprised Mac is still protective of Joni.

Busy at the diner, Ruth serves a friendly new customer. While she is still at work, the same stranger enters her home, and searches through drawers and cupboards.

Buddy and Mac arrive at the meeting site and realize it is a set up. Buddy kills Joe Don and the guys get caught in a shootout. Mac pursues one of the shooters in his car. Buddy, limping from a gunshot wound, helps Mac clean up any evidence of the transaction. Mac’s debt is reduced to $25,000 by a grateful Broker. Mac decides to head to Gwen’s rather than his own home.

“Does everything go to sh** in this perfect system of yours, or did I just come on board at a really bad time?”– Mac Conway

At home Joni plays the tape she took from Cliff’s desk: a recording of them having sex. Crying, she destroys the cassette, and starts to listen to one of Mac’s recorded “letters” instead. Aware Joni is home alone, Suggs knocks on the door.