You Don’t Miss Your Water


S1 E1 You Don’t Miss Your Water

You Don’t Miss Your Water

“You Don’t Miss Your Water”
Written by Graham Gordy & Michael D. Fuller
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

At the Memphis airport, the newly returned Vietnam vets, Mac and Arthur browse the gift shop for presents to give to their wives. Arthur’s wife, Ruth, picks them both up, and Mac confirms that his wife, Joni, still thinks he’s arriving the next day. He plans to surprise her. Outside the airport, war protestors swarm Mac and Arthur -- reports have come in that while in Vietnam they were implicated in a massacre of a town called Quan Thang.

Arriving at his home for the first time in a year, Mac takes in the place and finds Joni picking leaves out of the pool. They have a passionate reunion. Meanwhile, a man sits in a car outside the Conway home, keeping tabs on Mac.

At a sparsely attended “Welcome Home Party,” Mac’s father tells him that he shouldn’t come by the house for a while. Mac’s stepmother has never liked him, and with recent reports about violence in Vietnam, she doesn’t want him anywhere near the house.

Buddy, the guy keeping tabs on Mac, receives a visit from an older man. Known as The Broker, the man says that he’ll take charge of whatever plan there is in store for Mac. Later, finding Mac home alone, The Broker offers him a Dopp Kit filled with cash. The Broker explains that he’d like to enlist Mac as a hitman. The money would serve as a $30,000 advance. For every kill, Mac would work off $4,000 of his debt. Mac refuses the offer.

Arthur and Mac commiserate at a bar about their rough transition into civilian life. Taking Mac outside to his car, Arthur reveals that The Broker approached him and that he agreed to become a hitman. When Arthur asks Mac to be his partner, Mac initially refuses but finally agrees to do one kill -- he rationalizes that $4,000 could tide him over until he finds a stable job. 

Following the target, a one-legged private detective, Mac and Arthur track him back to his apartment. Mac scouts the scene from a window across the way, while Arthur sneaks into the apartment. Unseen by Mac, another man in the apartment fires at Arthur, killing him. Mac rushes over and attacks both the unseen assailant and the detective. The detective manages to escape, but Mac kills the guy who shot Arthur.

When Mac is unable to locate the money that Arthur accepted upon taking the job as a hitman, he goes to meet with The Broker at an old quarry. The Broker informs Mac that he is now on the hook for Arthur’s $30,000.

Mac gets the name of a new target from Buddy. He’s to follow and kill a guy named Cliff Williams. Tailing Cliff, Mac realizes that the guy is in fact driving to Mac’s own home. When Joni answers, she and Cliff embrace and then proceed to the bedroom. The entire evening was set up by The Broker to show Mac that his wife has been unfaithful.

“Death’s just a switch that gets flicked off.” – Mac Conway

Later, Mac goes to Cliff’s house and finds him listening to music while he makes repairs under his car. Mac notices that the record is in fact his -- one that’s been missing from his collection since he returned from Vietnam. Rather than shoot Cliff, Mac kicks out the wedge propping the car up, crushing him under the vehicle.

Joni wakes up to find Mac swimming laps in the pool. She spots the reclaimed record playing with a handgun on top of it.