Big Stan

Meet Big Stan: the toughest guy in the prison yard. Rob Schneider is hilarious as a real-estate scammer who transforms himself into a kung-fu tough guy in order to survive in prison in this comedy.

Facing several years behind bars for his role in a scam and having an incapacitating fear of man-rape, Stan uses the months leading up to his incarceration to train under the toughest sensei in the world: a martial-arts guru known as The Master. Once in the joint, Stan's skills result in a surprising turn of events among the violent population-raising the ire of the corrupt warden.

Co-starring Jennifer Morrison, Scott Wilson, Henry Gibson, Richard Kind, Sally Kirkland and Jackson Rathbone with M. Emmet Walsh and David Carradine as The Master. Directed by Rob Schneider; written by Josh Lieb.

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