episode 6

Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus

S1 E6 Waylon Jennings (Part One)

Waylon Jennings (Part One)

Written by: Mike Judge, Mark Monroe, Jeff Feuerzeig, Julien Nitzberg
Directed by: Mike Judge

The father of 'Outlaw' country music, Waylon Jennings grew up in Texas with dreams of making it to the Grand Ole Opry. Following a musical partnership with Buddy Holly that ended in his first experience cheating death, Waylon eventually made his way to Nashville where he became roommates with Johnny Cash. The singer, like his pal Johnny, never quite fit in with the Nashville sound, although they both found the Nashville speed to their liking.  It took a move back home to Texas and a reunion with his old friend and fellow outcast Willie Nelson, for the charismatic Waylon to breathe new life into country music, and finally do things on his own terms.