S1 E6 Polyhedrus


Sam and Stephen spend the night together. When she returns to Aidan, he can't hide his jealousy. At Byzantium headquarters, Zoe informs the team that Jack Turner has just received a fax from an airport in Pakistan, where political candidate Fatima Zahir was leaving for London. A dead body on the scene at the airport confirms their suspicions that something is afoot.

Crane tells Keel he still believes Aidan is hiding something and that Sam is now in on it. Keel agrees with him, but would rather focus on serving the client for now. Later, Keel goes to his doctor, who informs him that the medication he's taking is keeping his malignant brain tumor from getting worse, but that he should still go about setting his affairs in order.

While driving, Tyrone finally breaks his silence and asks Fowkes if he is good with guns. They go to a local weapons dealer, and after Fowkes signs off on a high-end sniper rifle, Tyrone kills the dealer and his guard. When Fowkes tells Byzantium about the sniper rifle, they figure out that Jack has planned to assassinate Zahir.

In the morning, Sam spots a folder in Stephen's bedroom with information about Polyhedrus-a company she recognizes as one of the Hourglass corporations whose CEO sits on Byzantium's board. In the file, she sees the names of Horst Goebel-the man killed in Amsterdam by the Blank-faced Man- and Arthur Hill, the scientist the team rescued in Tangier. Sam lures Hill out of Polyhedrus' London office and confronts him about why Faroux had him kidnapped. Hill takes off, so Sam steals his key card and checks out his desk. She finds the fax sent from Pakistan, but the building's security catches up to her. Zoe arrives and gets her out with no more than a phone call from Keel.

Aidan and Crane scope out the Free Asia Society where Zahir is set to speak out against the Kyber Dam project. Unable to secure the premises, they take out her guards and try to convince Zahir not to take the stage. Zahir is used to receiving death threats in her home country and decides to press ahead. She doesn't realize that her close family friend Umair Qassani has betrayed her, as he and his family stand to make a great deal of money if the dam is built. 

At Tyrone's urging, Fowkes coerces a man dressed in a rabbit costume to join him outside. Tyrone makes the man get in the trunk and shoots him, to Fowkes horror. They drive to a nearby apartment building, and Fowkes is sent up to the rabbit man's flat, while Tyrone goes up to the roof.

Zahir gives her speech without incident, and the Byzantium team realizes that she's not the target. Arthur Hill sent her the fax because he's acting as a whistleblower. Qassani was forwarding the information to Turner so that he could find and kill the whistleblower Zahir was going to meet with.

Sam takes off in the direction of where Hill is meeting Zahir, but she's too late. Tyrone takes out the scientist from the roof of the building and then leaves the gun outside the window of the flat where Fowkes is now standing.  Fowkes realizes he's being set up as the patsy and takes off.

In the wake of the death of his friend Lewis, Stephen has grown increasingly suspicious of his father. He finds information in his father's study related to the Goncourt explosion and realizes that his father had it carried out to raise the money they needed to bid on the dam. Stephen contacts Everett, the police inspector in Jack's employ, and offers to double whatever his father is paying him for information. Everett accepts the deal and tells Stephen that Sam is not who she says she is.