S1 E3 Hourglass


The Turners prepare to attend a conference at the Brightling Chase Hotel, where bidding will be held for the contract on the lucrative Khyber Dam project in Pakistan. Byzantium's client is asking that Sam uncover Jack Turner's final bid offer, so they can top it. Posing as Alex Kent, Sam attends the conference as Eddie Turner's teacher, and promptly runs into Bernard Faroux, the man she betrayed in Tangier. Faroux decides not to blow Sam's cover immediately, but instead demands that she reveal to him the contents of Turner's bid by the next morning.

Jack talks to a board member, Lindberg, who is concerned about the absence of the chairman, Lars Holm. Lindberg senses something is amiss, but he doesn't know that Turner had Holm and his wife killed earlier. As Eddie watches fireworks, Sam passes a USB stick she lifted from Jack over to Aidan, believing it contains the bid, but it doesn't. Sam is spotted by one of Turner's security men, and Aidan has to eliminate him after a brutal fistfight.

When the signal Zoe placed on Dave Ryder's briefcase goes cold, Fowkes goes undercover to retrieve it. He enters Ryder's club and roughs up a few of his men, gaining the man's respect.

Sam sneaks outside and overhears Turner trying to get Lindberg on board with his plan, despite his objections about Holm. Later, she corners Lindberg and tells him that Jack had Holm killed, in an effort to get Lindberg over to her side. It works. Later, Lindberg successfully convinces Turner to check on his bid, which enables Byzantium to copy it. He's killed as he leaves the premises.

The bidding starts. Faroux's group comes up short, and he sends word to his men to kill Sam. Next is the Chinese Industries Group, who bids 980 million-10 million more than Jack Turner told his son his company JTRP was prepared to spend. But when the JTRP bid is announced, it's at 1 billion, which is within a tolerance margin for a run-off with the Chinese. Jack tells his son not to worry, he has a plan to come up with the remaining 30 million in funds.

Sam eludes two of Faroux's men and finds him in his hotel room. She shoots him in the chest and asks him who it was that set her up in Tangier. "Hourglass," he says through his dying breath. "You're already dead, bitch."

Back at Byzantium HQ, Sam debriefs with Keel. She asks Aidan to tell her the truth about himself, but he insists there's nothing to tell. Aidan's recently broken things off with his MI6 handler, after accusing her of setting up Sam, since she was the only one he told about their meeting at Café Khalil. Thorpe, the MI6 agent, delivers her file on Sam to her superior George Ballard, who promptly files it in a folder marked "Hourglass."